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Friday, April 27, 2007

Say What?

From this report:

Ms. Boyda voted in favor of both the original bill and the compromise version, but she said she does not support a firm withdrawal date.

So, once again, Nancy Boyda is confused. She's for it, but against it????


KU Blue said...

Caveman Lawyer think compromise bad.


Compromise for deliberate thoughtful people.

Caveman Lawyer not thoughtful. Caveman Lawyer not deliberate

Anonymous said...

Boyda isn't compromising, she's rubber stamping whatever Nancy Pelosi says.

Anonymous said...

KU Poo's true colors are finally coming out! We've known all along that he was a naive and ignorant liberal. But a caveman? Never knew! Things are much clearer now...

Anonymous said...

bravo blue!

Anonymous said...

at least he's above petty name calling

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