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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Boyda Still Waving White Flag

With an excuse ridden explanation of her vote, Boyda told the Cap Journal that our troops would ultimately fail in Iraq. She said our enemies know our troops will fail anyway, so why not just tell them we'll be out of there in a year.

As John McCain has said regardless of how you felt when we went into Iraq, if we leave in a year, the terrorists will win, they will continue to incite civil war (which means we'll have to go back to a situation that is much worse) and they will have a new training ground to plan attacks on the U.S.

The Democrats want to pay off the left by passing this bill, but President Bush has rightly promised to veto this pork filled surrender.

And let's not forget, the thing Democrats don't want you to know is that by failing to send the President a funding bill he can sign, they are harming the ability of our troops to be properly trained and equipped. Every day, they are just making the whole situation worse.


Anonymous said...

Jim Ryun is the only man who can beat Nancy Boyda in 2008.

Jenkins doesn't have what it takes ;)

Anonymous said...

Jenkins does have a chance. She may not have what it takes but neither did Ryun. Boyda didn't beat Ryun, Ryun beat Ryun, and Jenkins CAN beat Boyda.

Anonymous said...

Either one is better than who's there now. We can all agree on that. Well, except the Boyda supporters.

Anonymous said...

Jenkins better than Boyda? Doesn't she have like a 30% lifetime rating from the tax groups for all the tax increases she voted for while in the KS House and Senate? And she is a WISH list candidate, too, correct? What is the real difference between Boyda and Jenkins? I guess that maybe she'd humiliate the district less than Boyda would.

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