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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Boyda Fails Ethics Test

When given the opportunity to vote yesterday to clean up already shaky Democrat ethics, Nancy Boyda marched lockstep with the Democrat leadership to protect one of their own - Jack Murtha.

Only two Democrats exhibited any courage when called upon to uphold their campaign promise to run the most ethical Congress in history. When the vote came to enforce their own new House rule that was supposed to stop arm twisting for votes, 218 Democrats, including Boyda, caved.

Maybe it was a payback for Murtha's reversal on Iraq which helped fuel the left's fire on the issue. A nod perhaps from Nancy Pelosi to the defense hawk Democrat Congressman who made such a public pronouncement of his changed mind on Iraq, particularly since she could not deliver the Majority Leader position to him as she'd hoped.

Regardless, it's time to call Nancy Boyda and ask her why she voted against enforcing the ethics rules of the House of Representatives. Or, better yet, send a letter to the editor. Tell her to start living up to her campaign promise to "change Congress."


Anonymous said...

Sure, you can call Mrs. Boyda's office. In about two weeks, she'll send you a letter about how she voted to restore funding to Fort Riley. It's called "stonewalling the yokels".

Anonymous said...

"Only a desperate, fading campaign would release internal poll results."

How many times did we hear that last fall?!? Then Ryun flip-flops and releases his poll results this week.

Must be scared.

The only reason to do this would be he's having trouble raising money in Kansas, or is trying to shut the wallets of the mods. My guess would be both.

Anonymous said...

Most of Ryun's key donors have backed off from rematch. His donors told him not to run, his colleagues told him not to run, NRCC told him not to run, his old staff told him not to run ... everybody told him not to run ... but he's running anyway. Of course, his boys are cheering him on. And, he's got some DC support from ultrawing groups. But, in Kansas, nobody wants a Ryun-Boyda rematch because everybody knows that Boyda will win. In fact, conventional wisdom is that Jim Ryun is the ONLY person who cannot beat Boyda.

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