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Friday, May 4, 2007


Boyda says President wrong to veto bill that sets arbitrary pull out date for troops and unnecessary pork projects . . . LJ World Story . . . says Bush veto is against a majority of Americans. Maybe if Bush would have vetoed more bills earlier in his Presidency, he would still be working with a Republican majority.

NRCC Chairman singles out Nancy Boyda as a target . . . Washington Post column . . . that's good news for what they plan to do to help defeat her next year.


Anonymous said...

If Boyda believes that most Americans wanted the pull-out, wouldn't all Republicans have lost in '06?

Anonymous said...

Um, didn't they?

Anonymous said...

Nice little set up to yourself with the two posts 3 minutes apart!

Anonymous said...

Um no.... Yes republicans lost control, but they did not lose every race. Had America wanted to surrender in Iraq, R's would have lost all seats so the D's could have veto override power

Anonymous said...

Moran and Tiahrt did not lose. Why? They actually came home to see their voters while Ryun went out to dinner all the time with the kids and their spouses partying it up in DC. Boyda will lose to anyone, well, then again...she did beat Ryun....Why does everyone but Jim and the kids get that.

Anonymous said...

The Ryuns partying it up? That's pretty damn funny.

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