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Thursday, May 3, 2007

More Blogging Activity

Here's an interesting read on Nancy Boyda's position on hate crimes. Nancy believes if you hate some "protected classes" of people and then harm them, it's worse than hating someone not in a protected class and bringing harm to them. Isn't hate, simply hate, regardless of who it's directed at? Should we not prosecute anyone who carries out a malicious act against another human being to the fullest extent of the law?

This is either the liberal mindset Nancy Boyda carries around, or she is simply rubber stamping the liberal agenda of the Democrat leadership.


Anonymous said...

Probably because her son belongs to "protected" group.

Anonymous said...

Should someone who might attack her son be sentenced more harshly then someone who would mug her daughter? Does she honestly believe that?

Anonymous said...

The motive for beating someone to steal their wallet is different for the motive for lynching an African-American.

Thus, it would seem, the punishment might should also differ.

Anonymous said...

That's a red herring. If you have enough disdain to physically assault or kill another human being, then everyone who commits such a crime be subject to prosecution for the SAME crime. If your brother was killed while the criminal was taking his wallet or was killed because he was gay, should the killer not be prosecuted the same way, to the fullest extent of the law?

Anonymous said...

the first two posters should be ashamed of themselves. Nancy's family should be off limits, even to the nasty people in the blogsphere.

Anonymous said...

The first poster poster only two minutes after the blog entry. looks like they wanted to slander Nancy's family w/o associating the comment with their blog.

Pretty shameless.

Anonymous said...

You're wrong on your timing. If you watch the blog, the posts come up on Central time. The comments seem to be set to Pacific time - making the first post come up one hour and 2 minutes later. Nice try at slandering the authors of the blog though.

Anonymous said...

I am posting at 9:44 central. What does it say below?

Anonymous said...

But the Ryun twins are fair game?!?

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