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Thursday, June 28, 2007

14% Congressional Confidence

When asked why Congress' confidence ratings are so low, Nancy Boyda said Congress "needs nothing else than ethics overhaul."

Nancy, I've got news for you. Congress doesn't need to pass more laws or more ethics rules. What people in Congress need to do is act like people who have been given the public trust. Don't break the law. Don't trade political favors. Unfortunately, Democrats and Republicans have broken the law and continue to trade political favors.

Most importantly, Congress' ratings are so low because no one seems to do what they say they're going to do.

Republicans got into trouble because they ran as the party of fiscal discipline. When they started handing money (and particularly earmarks) out like candy the public's trust of the Republican brand gradually eroded until they lost the majority.

The reason Congress' ratings are so low right now is that the Democrats' main campaign theme was they would change the direction of the Iraq war. They haven't. They also said they would run the most ethical Congress in history. They haven't. They said they would bring transparency to the earmark process. They haven't.

Yet, Nancy Boyda keeps wholeheartedly supporting her Democrat leadership and actions speak louder than words.

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Anonymous said...

I guess she means "ethics" like sending out your campaign contact information on your official stationery or sending campaign contribution solicitations to names that come to you through your official (tax supported)office.

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