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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Boyda's Blue, but Not a Blue Dog

Nancy Boyda was not selected to become a member of the Blue Dog Coalition. This is old news, but since the Parsons Sun decided to run a story on it today, I'm going to share some thoughts.

The Blue Dogs were formed during the Democrats' previous majority. They were primarily conservative southern Democrats who didn't like the fiscal policies of the liberal wing of the party. These are the types who partnered with Reagan in the 80's to make much needed changes to the tax code.

Now the Blue Dogs primarily act as political cover for Democrats in Republican-leaning Congressional Districts. A couple times each year, this group makes a little noise to sound fiscally conservative. In truth, when you look at the votes of this organization, an overwhelming majority of its members have opposed tax relief and supported spending increases.

Dennis Moore is part of the political cover brigade. He is certainly not a fiscal conservative. Sure he talks about being fiscally conservative, but his long record in Congress says something entirely different - just like Boyda's record will. At the end of the day, all Nancy Boyda lost was the opportunity to wave the Blue Dog flag as some sort of "proof" that she's a fiscal conservative.

Here's an interesting parting thought. Dennis Moore is a "leader" in the Blue Dog Coalition. How is it that one of the leaders can't get a vulnerable home state "fiscal conservative" in? Nancy is either too liberal for the group, or she's already gotten on the wrong side of at least 21 other Blue Dogs, Dennis has absolutely no pull within the group or Dennis didn't want Nancy in the group. Hmmmm . . .


Anonymous said...

I thought she was just a dog.

Anonymous said...

or, perhaps, other members were just a little more conservative than Boyda.

but, no, i'm sure you're right, it has to mean someone involved isn't up snuff.

Anonymous said...

A little more conservative than Nancy Boyda??? She is one of the most liberal Members of Congress as indicated by her unwavering, staunch support of the Nancy Pelosi policies.

Anonymous said...

Hey genius, the Blue Dogs were formed in 1994, in an early response to terribe gop "leadership".

Anonymous said...

Hey idiot, the Democrats were in control in 1994. Republicans won in 1994, but didn't take the majority till January 1995. And, these were the types who helped Reagan in the 1980's. The post doesn't say there was a Blue Dog coalition then. PLEASE READ MORE CAREFULLY.

Anonymous said...

Hey 8:45 post, I was in Washington in 1994, the Blue Dogs were formed in response to the bad job the Democrat majority had done and were an early warning sign that a Republican majority was coming. The wikipedia entry you point to even says they were formed during the 104th Congress (Democrat majority) to give conservative Democrats a unified voice. These guys wanted to keep their seats and forming a "conservative" Democrat group was a good political way to do it. One of the original Blue Dogs switched parties after the Republicans won in 1994. In my mind this was always a political cover organization, but is even more so today.

I agree with the previous post, please don't post if you don't know what you're talking about.

Anonymous said...

8:45 post - You're stupid. And, you smell. Go away.

Anonymous said...

How can you smell me through computer? Wow. You must be some kind of computer genius.

- 8:45 post

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm the one who pointed out Bounce Boyda was right about who was in charge when the Blue Dogs were formed. Where's the snappy comeback from the genious?

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