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Monday, June 25, 2007

If You Haven't Seen This

Over on's blog, a commenter posted a letter from Nancy Boyda to a constituent. In the letter, Nancy Boyda defends Speaker Pelosi's trip to Syria with a bold faced lie.

Boyda said, "She traveled there to convey President Bush's message to the Syrian President on the Iraq situation, which was to tell Syria that they needed to stem the flow of terrorists from their country into Iraq."

The White House did NOT want Nancy Pelosi to go to Syria. That is a clearly provable fact. But in Boyda's effort to defend the most liberal speaker in history, who Boyda votes with 95%+ of the time, she switches her position on the issue in an attempt to use the White House as a punching bag.

Boyda said, "What disturbed me about the trip was the blatant disregard for the safety of the Speaker and her delegation of several other Members of Congress from both parties. Security for Congressional Delegations tends to be quite high and confidential. When the White House announced her trip, they violated security protocol."

If it were true that the White House sent Pelosi to deliver a message, why would they have done anything to compromise Pelosi's security? The answer is, they wouldn't have. Boyda just disproved her first claim.

Moreover, if Pelosi was so concerned about the level of her security why was she mugging for the cameras in Syria?

This is typical for Democrats. They want it both ways. Pelosi wanted to legitimize her trip to Syria, so she says she's delivering a message for the President. Then when the trip is panned by most objective foreign policy experts and observers, Pelosi and her cronies decide to play the victim card by intimating that the White House put them in danger. The stories aren't consistent, let alone honest. But, Pelosi is counting on a strong anti-Bush sentiment in the country to simply lead people to ignore the facts.

All in all, what this letter proves is that Nancy Boyda is just a lackey for Nancy Pelosi.


Anonymous said...!

This is perhaps the farthest reach this place has ever made...where in the WORLD is this "lie" Boyda was supposed to have made? How in the WORLD do you get off misrepresenting reality like this?

Anonymous said...

Boyda's letter response conveyed to the reader that she had been sent as a representative to deliver a message to the Syrian president. Pelosi did not have the blessing of the U.S. government to even meet with him.

Anonymous said...

well nancy: "damned if you do, damned if you don't"

oh, you can't say that on the radio?

Anonymous said...

no, that's not at all what it only conveyed that if you spin it that way

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