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Monday, June 25, 2007

Boyda and Dem Freshman Ethics Problems

According to this report from the Majority Accountability Project, Nancy Boyda and her Democrat Freshman buddies had to fire the fundraiser from their PAC. Why?

"Oldaker was previously removed as treasurer of political actions committees headed by Senators Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy, Byron Dorgan and Blanche Lincoln following a scathing 2005 report compiled by the Center for Public Integrity (CPI), which questioned whether he used his fundraising prowess to gain undo influence members of Congress."

Yet, even though this report was nearly two years old, Boyda signed on to benefit from this PAC with the ethically challenged fundraiser.

Oh, and by the way, the report also says:

"Earlier this month, the photographs of 22 House freshmen were replaced on the PAC’s website following another report that found those House members had their official, taxpayer funded portraits on the website. House rules prohibit the use of official resources for political and fundraising activities."

Seems like the Democrats promise to run the most ethical Congress in history has once again rung hollow.

This also begs the question, why is Nancy Boyda signing up for DC help anyway? Didn't she say she was turning down DC help? Didn't she say she wanted to run another "independent" campaign? Talk about ringing hollow.


Anonymous said...

Shhh....Boyda doesn't want anyone to know the truth and she is counting on the media establishment not to tell anyone.

Anonymous said...

taking money, of course, does not indicate one has stopped being "independent." I'm sure few posters on this blog would be willing to say Jim Ryun was beholden to the corporations that gave money to his campaign..and, for good reason, he wasn't.

Boyda, is, of course, on the same coin, not beholden to anyone, either, because of the money she accepts. She remains as independent as she ever was....

it is all in the eye of the beholder, however, and, I'm sure, regardless, Nancy will never have lived up to her pledge...according to you folks, at least.

Anonymous said...

Flashback, list of recepients of Democrat Frontline money comes out. Nancy Boyda isn't on it. Boyda says she specifically asked to be left off because she wants to remain independent.

So, Nancy Boyda set this standard, not us. She essentially said, national Democrat money would take away her independence. Since then, she has sought the help of John Kerry and this Freshman PAC.

Oh, and voting with Pelosi 95% or more of the time does not equal being independent. Sorry.

As for Jim Ryun, he never said he wouldn't take national money, so he didn't set himself up to be scrutinized under the same standards. He always ran under the Republican banner. Like him or not, he was consistently Republican. Nancy Boyda said she wasn't going to be just another Democrat. She said she would be independent. That has not proven to be the case.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but even Ryun wasn't all Republican all the time. Ask leadership or leadership staff. He bucked them from time to time and stuck with it. Why in the world he let the "Republican leadership stamp" stick in 2006 is beyond me. He took shot after shot and didn't swing back. He'd better come with his game face on in 2008 or it will be more of the same.

Anonymous said...

so she wants left off one list, fine...she didn't want the image that came with being part of that list, fine.

who says she doesn't want to be with other groups...the freshmen class is a conservative bunch...better people to be fundraising with.

regardless...don't have it both ways...she didn't open herself to the attacks, they would have been there regardless

Anonymous said...

smart ones...boyda votes about 91% of the time with leadership. That is actually pretty independent to me.

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