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Sunday, June 24, 2007


With the new uptick in political activity in Kansas, the Cap Journal proves once again, it needs to beef up its political reporting. This Ric Anderson column leaves much to be desired, but at least he didn't talk to Beatty again.

Yes, campaigns are starting earlier. The Presidential nominations will most likely be decided by February 5th on "Super-Duper Tuesday" or whatever they're calling it now. That means the two parties will turn their fire on the other starting February 6th . . . though if Bloomberg puts $250 million into an independent bid, it could throw the whole process into a much more expensive rerun of 1992.

And yes, campaigns will have to employ strategies to ensure their messages don't get tuned out by the voters.

Back to the problem with the Anderson piece: it's not only boring, it's disingenuous. Controversy sells newspapers (remember, if it bleeds, it leads). Look at how the press handled the recent Club for Growth ad, playing right into the Jenkins strategy of blaming Ryun. So, save us the hand wringing about the length and tenor of campaigns. And, please hire a political reporter and opinion writer who are actually good at their jobs and at least pretend to be objective.


Anonymous said...

It would be nice if they did have a reporter that worked at the stories and not waited for them to be given to them. I would like them to ask Ryun if he ever met with CFG, maybe he never met with them in his office, maybe he didn't sit in their chair. or maybe that was what he said when asked about Abramoff. Ryun asked for a received CFG's help, he didn't coordinate, but I would like for a reporter to ask him and see what he says about meeting with them.

Anonymous said...

Heard a rumor that David Kensinger was going to run for Governor and Matt Hickam was running for Lt Gov with him. CFG will be involved in the Governors race in 2010. woo hoo! Go Matt and David we need more lackies for CFG

Anonymous said...

Will Club for Growth endorse Ryun or will they just keep un-endorsing Jenkins?

Anonymous said...

This would be an even better question for a reporter to ask. Ask Jim how much money he is going to report on his July finance report that was bundled to him by Club for Growth. You know, the organization that he has absolutly nothing to do with. My guess is upwards of $100K.

Anonymous said...

When did this blog become more about taking swipes at Jenkins and less about taking swipes at Boyda??

Uncle Pavian said...

When did this blog become more about taking swipes at Jenkins and less about taking swipes at Boyda??

About the same time people started bickering about 1.5% differences in real estate commissions on a house in Washington. Which would be about the same time the comments section turned really boring.

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