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Saturday, June 9, 2007

Boyda Abandons "Clear Path"

Starting with her announcement speech and throughout the campaign last year, Nancy Boyda supported a "clear path to citizenship" for illegal immigrants. Knowing she was out of step with the district, Jim Ryun started pounding her on it. In the Jim Cates radio debate, Nancy said she didn't care how we did it, but illegals had to have a path to citizenship. The Ryun campaign began running commercials using her own words and voice against her. Boyda also came out against building a border fence, saying we could enforce immigration laws without expensive fences. Her positions on amnesty and a border fence would have probably doomed her election last November until the Mark Foley controversy sunk Ryun.

Now Nancy Boyda has come out against the bi-partisan Senate immigration bill. She says her constituents are furious about it. Says she won't vote for anything with amnesty in it.

To that I say, "Duh!!"

This is just another example of how Nancy Boyda's political opinions are often blown about by the political winds. She is once again demonstrating just how unprincipled she really is. The question is, which reporter in Kansas will bring up her own words of a year ago and ask her to explain the 180 degree turn? My guess is no reporter will do it, but we shall see.


Mike said...

I'm no Boyda fan, but at least she listened to her constituents. Brownback appears to be tone deaf.

Anonymous said...

No, Mike. She's pretending to listen to her constituents. Since the Bush-Kennedy amnesty bill never came up in the House, she an afford to make like she actually listens to the people who call her office (even though she believes in her heart of hearts that they're all redneck racists, driving around the trailer park with a dead deer on the hood of their pickup trucks, listening to Christian radio on their way to the Klan rally.) She doesn't care what her constituents think, unless they're union bosses, filthy rich trial lawyers, or the wacademics at KU.
If the amnesty bill had actually been up for consideration in the House, her staff would have told the yokels (that'd be us) that her position is just too complex and nuanced to be explained over the phone, and she would have sent out a letter ten days after she voted with Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and William Jefferson (D-LA).
Go ahead. Call her about some legislation that's actually before the House, like the Fairness Doctrine. See what her staff tells you.

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