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Friday, June 8, 2007

Boyda Faking It

If you haven't read the full text of the Wall Street Journal article on Nancy Boyda yet, you should. It lays out her campaign plan to continue to pretend to be a Republican back in Kansas while acting like full fledged Democrat in Washington. The article points out Boyda is trying to use the Dennis Moore gameplan which he has taken to an art form of fooling his constituents into thinking he's not that liberal.

In the name of full disclosure, Bounce Boyda was contacted by the article's author a couple months back. I chose not to comment on the record for the story. I can only assume that this blog is part of the "bare knuckled attacks" the article refers to. To that I say, this is politics, it's a contact sport. And, my only mission is to expose Nancy Boyda for who she is.

Take for example Nancy Boyda's claim she was a lifelong Republican. One only needs to check the with the Johnson County election office to find out that wasn't the case.

Take for example number two, Boyda's campaign newspaper inserts. The WSJ reporter clearly never read them. Over two-thirds of the column inches in those inserts were blatant attacks on Jim Ryun rather than outlining Boyda's positions. And, despite Boyda saying she didn't like her consultant's attacks of the 2004 campaign on TV, she simply moved them over to radio in 2006. Nearly all of her radio spots attacked Jim Ryun.

And, Nancy Boyda was emphatic she didn't want the DCCC running ads in her district for the 2008 cycle, but she didn't call on them to stop in 2006 AND she hasn't called on the union ads to stop that are running on her behalf now (and if you don't believe the DCCC gave a wink and a nod toward those ads being run, you don't understand politics). Merely paying lip service to being "independent" and not being called to account for it by a journalist is wrong.

At the end of the day, none of us can really question Nancy Boyda's strategy in 2006 because she won. However, to say it was a positive, grassroots campaign is a lie. Moreover, to say she's voting like a moderate is also a lie, as Boyda is voting with Nancy Pelosi 95% of the time.

Nancy Boyda wants it both ways. She is a slick politician who is continually says one thing in Kansas and acts completely different in Washington. This blog will never apologize for pointing this out, and if it's called a "bare-knuckles attack" so be it.

*One further note as to why the WSJ carried this article, well the author graduated from journalism school at KU, so therein lies the interest.


Anonymous said...

Great. Another unbiased article by a product of the conservative bastion known as the William Allen White School of Journalism. . . .

Anonymous said...

the wall street journal is NOT a liberal publication..that's just silly.

Anonymous said...

Who said the Wall Street Journal was liberal?

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