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Thursday, June 7, 2007


Democrats in Congress pushed through a bill to allow federal tax dollars to be used to destroy human embryos. Despite 16 moderate Democrats voting against the bill, Nancy Boyda ignored the majority of her constituents and voted for the bill.

Regardless of where you stand on the pro-life scale, an overwhelming majority of Americans have said time after time that taxpayer funding should not be used to destroy innocent human life. The Democrats are now overriding this well establised standard and would have the federal government use tax dollars to destroy embryos, what many regard to be the most basic form of human life.

From a practical standard, it's also a waste of taxpayer dollars. Not one treatment or cure for a disease has come from embryonic stem cells. Not one. And hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on research around the world to try and find one.

We should continue to focus our scarce research dollars on adult stem cells that have produced many positive results rather than using those dollars to destroy life.


Anonymous said...

Arnold, McCain, Guiliani, Jack Danforth, Nancy Reagan ... stem cell research is hardly a Democrat issue

Anonymous said...

First, the pro-life community does not have issues with stem cell research, but specifically embryonic stem cell research which no one argues amounts to the destruction of human embryos. And, the argument that they would be destroyed anyway still does not answer the question of why the taxpayers should have to pay for it.

Second, Arnold and Giuliani are ardently pro-choice Republicans. It's an emotional reason for Nancy Reagan, and she was also never as conervative as her husband. Not sure of Danforth's explanation.

Anonymous said...

Those who are really interested in this topic should read Senator Coleman's article on realclearpolitics:

The Democrat House refused to hear S. 30 which overwhelmingly passed the Senate and encourages and increases funding for pluripotent stem cell research.

They are a do-nothing Congress who ignore and actively avoid ways to get things done that they present as their "core" issues. They want "life saving" research there's the chance.

Anonymous said...

If you honestly think the district is opposed to stem cell research then best of luck to you and your candidates!

They'll need alot of luck...

Anonymous said...

It's pretty obvious that Mrs. Boyda thinks the voters in the district are either right-thinking folk who have jobs with the state government or at Goodyear or in public education or else slack-jawed yokels driving around the trailer park with dead deer on the hoods of their pickup trucks.
Her voting record is just what she thinks the people who elected her expect.

Anonymous said...

Which is why her "F" rating from the NRA is so hard to explain-unless you listen to Nancy tell you that "the questions were confusing." I am not lying-she said that very thing at a meeting in the district recently (in Ottawa, I think). Anyone else heard that?
And as for stem cells, no, conservatives are not against stem cells. They're simply for stem cell research that works-adult stem cells. They are with the majority of Americans who, when embryonic research is fully explained to them, are against destroying human life in the name of research.
How much further left can Nancy Boyda go?

Anonymous said...

I disagree that "majority" of Americans oppose embryonic stem cell. Did you see the vote in Missouri last year? Or, what about the vote in California? I know that CA is sometime a world of its own ... but CA represents 1/5 of this country. The conservatives are way off on the stem cell issue. The longer that hold on to this position, the more elections they'll lose. Stem cells don't have the emotional weight of abortion issues. Americans want medical research. They don't care what the Vatican thinks about it. That's why conservatives like McCain & Reagan ... and even Republicans who are also ministeres like Danforth ... have embraced stem cell research.

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