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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Union Nancy

Apparently Nancy Boyda is in the hip pocket of the unions as they are already running television ads to bolster her re-election chances.

Most ironic line of the ad relates to cleaning up the ethics mess in Washington. Ooops, guess no one told the union bosses Jefferson was indicted.

And, I thought Nancy was refusing Washington, DC help. I thought she said she didn't want it. She wanted to run her own, independent campaign without outside influences. Has anyone heard her call on the unions to stop? Once again, Nancy can't help herself. She says one thing and does something else.


Anonymous said...

*sigh* In a dark room somewhere you're saying to yourself, "You know, I bet Nancy actually ASKED the Union to run ads for her....and then even helped them put them together, raised the money to buy the airtime and is going around to houses in the district changing TV stations just to make sure everyone sees the ad."

Nope,'s actually just an independent expenditure that says, well, nice things about a woman you don't like very much. She isn't taking money from the DCCC and she didn't take this money from AFSME...but they spent it on her behalf, just like Club for Growth will for Jim Ryun

Anonymous said...

First, they don't do these ads unless the candidate gives a wink and nod.

Second, Nancy took money from DCCC leadership as well as help from John Kerry.

Finally, it was Nancy Boyda, who said I will run my own campaign and don't want help from DC sources. But she is. So, was she lying?

Anonymous said...

Will Jim Ryun or Lynn Jenkins accept DC assistance? I don't think that they should. NRCC seems to be kiss of death in KS. They haven't picked the right candidate in a decade. Kansans like their candidates to be independent. Ryun was defeated because he was shown be a tool of DeLay and Bush. I don't think that criticism was fair. If Jim wants to make a comeback, he needs to show his independence. Refusing DC assistance would send a strong message.

Also, I heard that Jim Ryun was selling that stupid townhouse.

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize Unions were "DC sources"

Are Ryun and Jenkins, and the GOP, planning to discount the thousands of AFSCME members in the 2nd?

That's probably real dumb.

Anonymous said...

"Are Ryun and Jenkins, and the GOP, planning to discount the thousands of AFSCME members in the 2nd?"

Why wouldn't they? After Nancy gained favor with the big union boys by making sure they knew who their members were voting for, Republicans have no chance. No sir, those votes have already been purchased.

Anonymous said...

Thousands of AFSCME members in the 2nd District? Would you care to give a little more definite number? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

AFSCME is one of the larger union's in kansas, i think....someone correct me if i'm wrong

and it would be illegal for a candidate to give them a "wink and a nod"

Anonymous said...

that commercial would not be running if Nancy Boyda didn't want it. She could call AFSCME and demand it be taken down, send out a press release condemning the outside interference, and they would take it down.

Uncle Pavian said...

Trade union bosses, filthy rich trial lawyers, people who get government checks, George Soros...
Gotta play to the base, right?

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