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Monday, July 30, 2007

Glad to See the Media is Asking About the Tantrum

I meant to hit on this earlier, but did Nancy Boyda's ridiculous reference to General Keane's testimony as painting Iraq as a place she would take her family on vacation not seem a lot like the stupidity of Kathleen Sebelius statement that the roads in Missouri were more dangerous than a terrorist attack on 9/11?

Will be interesting to see how many ways Nancy spins this thing. Look for it to eventually be a right wing Republican conspiracy against her.


Anonymous said...

According to the Lawrence paper, Boyda "ridiculed [Gen. Jack]Keane's description of Iraq...".
I think Scott Rothschild is on vacation or this would have never been printed. Maybe the Journal World assumes that no one at either fort pays any attention to Boyda anymore. Who knows?

Anonymous said...

Democrats are so sure of there stand against Iraq, they actually posted Boyda's speech against the General on Pelosi's blog.

She's not going to spin it. She's against the war AND anyone who's not also against it.

Anonymous said...

No, Mrs. Boyda (Democrat, Kansas) isn't against the war. That would require her to have some principles other than that she should be in Congress. It's just more pandering to the base.

Anonymous said...

Check out the Hugh Hewitt award in her name. Let's see: Which Kansas newspaper will carry a little story about this national recognition?

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