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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

More Tantrums?

No, not yet.

But here's hoping the Republicans on the Armed Services Committee call the authors of this New York Times Op-Ed to testify. Yes, these former harsh critics of the Bush strategy in Iraq say that while the situation remains "grave," it is actually IMPROVING since the surge began.

Titled "A War We Just Might Win," the op-ed points out a number of examples of where the new Bush-Petraeus surge strategy is working. Civilian deaths are dropping. Insurgents are no longer popping up as our troops leave. Religious leaders are working with our troops. Iraqi forces are now an asset.

Nancy Boyda asked for a realistic overview of the current situation in Iraq. Maybe she needs to realize that the realistic position is that things, while still bad, are improving enough to see them through. My guess, we're not done hearing her tired old Democrat rhetoric about Iraq. Or better yet, that she just might throw another temper tantrum.

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