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Friday, July 13, 2007

Make Up Your Mind

It's no secret I believe Boyda has floundered around like a fish out of water about Iraq since she led war protests back in 2003. Just recently, she said she would definitely vote go fund the war. Now she's voted to set a date to pull out our troops by April 1, 2008 (kind of appropriate it's April Fools day).

I think it's safe to say we all want our troops home as soon as possible. We all want to turn up the heat on the Iraqis to get control of their own country. We especially don't want Iraq to be the next training ground for terrorists to send bombers to our soil again.

Yet, by continuing to undermine the effort to win, like by saying the surge isn't working despite reports to the contrary (and despite the fact it has just recently been fully implemented), these Democrat defeatists are giving the terrorists hope that we will pull the plug on the war soon. These defeatist liberals like the Nancys, Boyda and Pelosi, fail to recognize that the terrorists will likely follow us home if we're defeated in Iraq.

But, most importantly I say to the Nancys, please stop sending mixed messages. Either actually try to win, OR, withhold military funding and force us out. Stop sitting on the fence. Either side with our troops and give them every ounce of support necessary to win. Or, side with the terrorists and give them Iraq. Anything else, is just political spin to avoid making this basic decision.


Anonymous said...

nope, nancy, do exactly what you are doing. Vote to support our troops while they are there and vote to support our troops by bringing them home as soon as possible.

this is exactly the measured response we need

Anonymous said...

exactly, Nancy does a great job because she votes for funding for the troops while they are actually there, but working to make sure they get home as soon as possible. I think we need more people like her in congress.

Uncle Pavian said...

So, I guess if we fight them over here, we won't have to fight them over there, is that it?
I may have to rethink what I've been saying about how Mrs. Boyda (Democrat, Kansas) is strongly left-leaning but apparently not insane.
Of course, she and Mrs. Pelosi (Democrat, California) both know that their timetable for abandoning Iraq will be vetoed by President Bush, so this is just another symbolic vote with no effect on the war.
If they were serious about bringing the troops home, they would cut the funding, but they don't seem to be able to get to that stage.

Anonymous said...

It's dingbat central at the Boyda shop. "Let's surrender!" "I support the troops!" "It's too scary!" "I had to throw away support for the troops' families because the other Nancy told me to." "Help, I'm in Congress and I can't form a coherent thought!"

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