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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ryun Releases Numbers

According to the Ryun campaign, Jim Ryun will report raising $350,000 for the Second Quarter, and will have $301,000 cash on hand.

While I haven't seen the actual report, I'll make two observations:

First, that doubles his first quarter take when you take away the $100,000 transfer from his old account. That's impressive.

Second, Ryun will have spent a whopping $305,000 this quarter. We hear Ryun has spent a lot to try and grow his fundraising base (an expense now that they're probably betting will pay off down the road). And, we know he did extensive polling and brought a full time campaign manager on board. However, this burn rate is getting up there with John McCain's. For you Ryun backers, you should hope he throttles back on the spending because it's likely Boyda will pass him this quarter in cash on hand, and with rumors of Jenkins fundraising around $200,000, it's likely she will only be $150,000 behind him.


Anonymous said...

If Jenkins gets to 200k she will only be 100k behind.

Also this expenditure report will be the most reviewed in KS political history. My guess is it will resemble the Federal budget and be full of waste and abuse. Full time campaign mgr at most should be making $5k per month. An "extensive" poll would be in the $40k range. That leaves $250k on rent, phones, mail and "consulting". This report will echo all of the reasons he was defeated last year.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Ryun is using his campaign funds to reimburse this country for expenses incurred in Iraq as a result of his incompetence. That would be a nice thing for him to do.

Anonymous said...

If Jenkins raises $200K, she will likely also have expenses, putting her more than $100K behind.

No doubt though, Ryun is spending too much money on whoever is doing his direct mail consulting.

Anonymous said...

What will Ryun do if he loses again? I don't think that Ryun really wants to be running. He's just being pushed into this Congressional race by his family. It's obvious that his heart isn't in the race. When you see him out campaigning, you can tell that he doesn't want to be there.

Ryun suffered serious Congressional burn out a couple years back. During his last term, you could tell that he just wasn't interested.

I suspect the loss to Boyda hurt his ego. But, he doesn't have the fire in the belly that it takes. Ryun just isn't excited about serving the Second District any longer.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting a similar feeling from Ryun camp. Ryun's boys are well-connected, so they can raise a good deal of money in DC. But Jim Ryun doesn't seem engaged at all when he's in the district.

Anonymous said...

There's no enthusiasm for a Ryun-Boyda rematch. Conservatives like Jim, so they'll support him if he asks personally. But nobody is jumping up and down about prospects of Jim running again.

Anonymous said...

Is Ryun paying any members of his family as "campaign staff"? Is he drawing a salary or any other notable compensation from campaign dollars?

For that matter, what is he doing for a living now?

Anonymous said...

The Ryuns have their family businesses as always. Running camps, sports marketing, etc.

Anonymous said...

Ryuns have a profitable real estate business.

Russian oil companies buy property at market value. Ryuns buy property from them at below market value. Ryuns sell at market value + appreciation. Easy money.

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