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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Open Mouth, Insert PAC $$$$

Nancy Boyda just can't help herself. According to The Hill newspaper in DC
Boyda said she hasn’t sought money from Washington PACs and has told people
they’ll have access to her whether they contribute or not.

For those of you unfamiliar with PAC fundraising, $74,000 doesn't just magically show up in your campaign account in three months. You have to ask for it. Yep, another example of Nancy Boyda's trouble with the truth.


Anonymous said...

Boyda is a LIBERAL!!!!!

Anonymous said...

She is a liberal, and she got elected in a Republican district because Ryun blew it.

I just don't think Ryun can pull this off. Jenkins won't win any "Conservative of the Year" awards, but if she can beat Boyda I'll vote for her.

If I have more of chance of weakening Pelosi and Reid by defeating the likes of Boyda, I'll vote for an electable candidate like Jenkins even if Jenkins isn't as conservative as I would like.

Anonymous said...

actually, there was an interview I heard with her, I don't remember where, somewhere on, anyways, she said that she didn't ask for money and that people did just send it to her, since they want her to be reelected.

Anonymous said...

people are just giving her money...because they want her in office.

yes, even big, nasty PACS.

just like they're doing with Ryun and Jenkins

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the lies about nancy on stayred.kansas. Like saying she is for the marriage amendment - what a big lie

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