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Friday, July 27, 2007

Boyda and the Hypocrats

Earlier this year, Democrats, including Nancy Boyda, were blaming Republicans for not getting appropriations bills done in a timely fashion. That was the reason, Boyda claimed, that Fort Riley lost money it was supposed to have received.

Anyone who actually follows the political process in Washington knows that Democrats in the Senate used all measures of stalling tactics (cloture motions, etc) to stop Republicans from getting appropriations bills done. At the end of the day, the Republicans finally said, you're going to be in the majority Democrats, you try and clean up the mess you created. I think they should have at least tried to pass the bills, but the Democrats were going to extract a pound of flesh to get it done.

Now the Democrats are in the majority in Congress, and guess what - the Senate still can't get anything done. What are the Democrats saying? "Republicans are stalling."

The Democrats are reaping what they sowed. After their little victory dance last November, they've figured out it's no fun when the minority party won't help you get things done. Guess maybe they were a little short-sighted when playing every vote last year for political gain.

Maybe that's why Congressional approval is somewhere around 14% (according to Zogby).

Now comes the Farm Bill. A perfect example of what's wrong with the Democrat party. They want to raise taxes on businesses by $10 billion AND cut crop insurance by $1 billion to pay for more food stamps - a program that is chock full of waste, fraud, and abuse.

As bad as Republicans got the last few years in the majority when it came to spending money and failing to have a backbone when it came to cutting waste (not to mention the high profile ethics problems), we still have hope to win the White House and win seats back in Congress because Nancy Boyda and the Democrats have the wrong agenda for America. Once in power, they had to demonstrate good ideas. The problem is, they didn't run on ideas, they ran a campaign of "We're not Republicans." The result, only one in seven people approve of the job they're doing. That's 20% lower than President Bush's approval rating and even lower than Congress had on November 6th (the day before the voters changed the majority).

If you want to have a little fun tomorrow, head out to the Lawrence Public Library at 10 am and join the liberals in letting Nancy know how you feel about her job performance.


Anonymous said...

people don't approve of the job congress is doing because people want congress to end the war.

people, in all of the polls, like increasing the minimum wage. they like setting a time table for withdrawal....they want more of the same, not the crap they're being given

Anonymous said...


I think people want a Congress that isn't in debt to the far left kook fringe of the Democratic Party. They don't want to "cut and run" (a rather cliched but still truthful phrase). They want our armed forces to win, where ever they are and what ever they are doing. They don't want government by polling and focus groups (or blogging for that matter). Media polls are designed to thwart Republican policies, they're skewed and misleading at best, and down right harmful at worse.

Ask people who own a business and have to meet a payroll about increasing the minimum wage.

They are getting more of the same, gridlock, the politics of personal destruction, thanks to the leadership of Nancy Pelosi (whom Boyda voted for) and Harry Reid. They've led Congress to lower ratings than the President.

Republicans deserved to lose last time. But the Democratic leadership deserves to lose this time around.

Anonymous said...

A majority of people who don't make minimum wage say they support it because it sounds nice.

A majority of people who want our troops out of Iraq also want to win first and want to hear a strategy for sucess. Unfortunately, the media spends little time on the successes while featuring the setbacks.

Basically, the ratings are so low because the 10% of Americans on the left wing fringe abandoned the Democrats for not getting out of Iraq. The Independents don't like the fact that they're no better than Republicans when it comes to spending and ethics. And of course, Republicans aren't going to approve of Democrat leadership.

Nancy Boyda is the worst kind of Democrat. She appears to have no core values and has no problem chaning her tune depending on the audience she's talking to.

Anonymous said...

Boyda is probably a good person. But she's in way over her head.

I believe she's trying. She just doesn't know what she's doing.

Boyda is no different than Martha Keys. Like Martha, it won't take Kansans long to figure out that she's clueless.

Anonymous said...

Of course, after they beat Martha Keys the Republicans elected James Jeffries, who was just as bad. Slattery creamed Jeffries after only one term. Jeffries had the same problem as Ryun - aloofness.

Bill Roy and Jim Slattery were both very popular Democrat Congressmen. The Second District is actually a good district for Democrats. Topeka and Lawrence are Democrat areas. The rural areas are GOP, but they'll vote for a Democrat because of farm subsidies and social security.

Ryun was all wrong for the district. He just caught a strong GOP wave from the 90s. He was there because of good timing.

Jenkins would be better fit for the district. She's more of a small town person and she'd do a good job of constituent service.

Anonymous said...

Bill Roy is one of the most overrated head cases that has ever represented this district. Have you ever read his columns? They are couched in Democratic rhetoric and full of lies, deceit and distortion. I can't believe anyone would claim he had value as a Member of Congress.

Anonymous said...

Ryun's Kansas district offices were good at constituent services work. His DC office was horrible. I remember calling his DC office and identified myself as from Humboldt. The voice asked if Humboldt was in Kansas and where was it. Wow! I feel sorry for the Ryun workers from Kansas. They were unfairly smeared with the same brush as his DC staff.

Anonymous said...

Bill Roy is an old man. Actually he was an old man when he was in Congress in the 60s and 70s. You cannot use his current columns to measure his performance 35 years ago.

He was a strong Congressman. I doubt that anybody on this blog is old enough to remember ... but in 74, we really thought that he'd defeat Bob Dole for Senate. Dole barely got reelected. Dole had to get nasty to win that race. After that race, I had little use for Dole. By the time Roy ran against Kassebaum in 78, he was already past his prime.

Roy was a Democrat from a different era. Clearly he was prochoice because he actually performed abortions as a doctor. However he really wasn't a liberal. Kassebaum was the real liberal. Roy was more of a populist.

Anonymous said...

Boyda is very similar to Martha Keys. Both in her politics and her personality.

Uncle Pavian said...

Dole had to get nasty to win that race.
Dr. Moonbat told PBS that he ran for the Senate specifically to put an end to Bob Dole's political career.
He lost because Dole got nasty by "tricking" him into admitting that he had performed abortions. Then, Dole stole the election by waiting until the last minute to tell the yokels, who were just too dense to understand how electing an abortionist to the Senate was really a Good Thing.

Anonymous said...

Boy, have times changed...for the democrats. Not long ago, a democrat abortionist lost a Senate race because he was outed. (Is his goofy column a consolation prize from liberal editors?) Now an abortionist runs the democrat party.

Anonymous said...

Tiller is a Republican. (I assume you're talking about Tiller as "abortionist runs democrat party").

Anonymous said...

Tiller, yes, is a registered Republican. So were Mark Parkinson, Paul Morrison, Cindy Neighbor and Ron Wimmer. The Democratic Party represented opportunity, though - for them, the promise of elected office whereas they were largely too uninspiring to garner such a nomination as a Republican - and for Tiller - the Democratic Party offered the opportunity to pocket a large group of elected officials so that he could keep his illegal empire afloat.

Anonymous said...

No one in Ryun's office asked if Humboldt was in Kansas. You're making that up.

Ryun lost because Independents left him over the war and the Foley story.

Ryun voted in line with the district and he brought home a lot of projects. Just because he wasn't a media seeker like Boyda doesn't mean he didn't do a good job.

Yes, Jenkins would be fine on paper, but I'm betting she wouldn't love the commute back and forth to DC, missing her kids. She hasn't done much to speak of either in the legislature or the treasurers office. I like Lynn personally, but to say she would be much better than Ryun is wrong. Sure, Ryun didn't do enough ground work to hold the seat, but there's no evidence Jenkins is going to bounce around the district with regularity either - at least if you compare how much work Ryun has been doing this campaign compared to Jenkins.

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