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Monday, July 30, 2007

Straddling the Fence

Boyda's contortions to straddle the fence on Iraq are continuing to backfire, according to the Journal World. Protestors who came to her Lawrence meeting didn't like her answers to the questions about funding the war.

Even more funny, though not surprising, was Boyda's verbal contradiction.

First she said, “I will fund the troops, and I have said all along that I will,” she said.

This seems like an unequivocal statement. I will fund. I will and have said all along that I will. Sounds like a clear position to me . . .

But then in just a few moments time, she changed her mind:

Boyda said she’ll consider cutting war funding in September, when military leaders are scheduled to report to Congress on the outcome of the troop surge.

“For the first time ... I have to consider cutting funding,” she said. “This is not a good decision, but staying the course is a worse one.”

If you've said all along you will fund the troops, then why would you consider cutting funding? If this is a core value, that you won't cut off the funding for our men and women standing in harms way, why consider it at all?

Maybe what she meant to say earlier was, "I might continue to fund the troops and have said all along that I might."

Nancy Boyda seems to have no moral compass. She is easily swayed and will readily change her story depending on the group she's talking to.

While I don't agree with the protestors that showed up Saturday on the merits of pulling our troops out of Iraq, I am glad they are holding Nancy Boyda's feet to the fire. It is clear she made promises to the Bush hating, anti-war wing of her party and they want her to get off the fence and back on to the side she promised to be on.


Anonymous said...

The problem with straddling the fence is that eventually you get caught in the middle. Fortunately for Boyda she has the liberal media to help her avoid the full impact of her actions and votes.

Anonymous said...

“And finally, I would just like to share a story. When I was speaking back at home with one of a very right wing conservative talk show hosts and after, thank God, after we were off the air, I said something that I assumed he would agree with and I just said ‘you know, I’m really worried about these guys and gals, but mainly guys, that have gone, that they’ve been redeployed now three and four times’ — he came back to me and said ‘you know what, they should have thought about that before they enlisted, before they signed up.’ He said ‘it’s their fault.’ And I was so upset, I looked at him and I said with all due restraint, and I said no respect, it’s not with all due respect because quite honestly, I have no respect for that opinion, with all due restraint, and I got myself calmed down and left the room. But I am very disappointed, I would hope that General Keane would not say that. But I am very disappointed that, where is he to get up and defend the men and women who have so honorably served our country? Where is he and where is the rest of this military to say this is the right thing to do? With all due respect, this country has to come together and first and foremost deal in the reality of the situation and find a way to come together and put these crazy partisan politics behind us, and come up with a way forward. And maybe that’s where I should stop. And I will yield back my time.”

Any news on who the "very" right wing conservative radio talk show host was? Was this a fictitious story like Harry Reid's "Tommy." Any info would be appreciated.

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