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Friday, August 31, 2007

Boyda Follies

Just when you think you've seen it all, Nancy Boyda sends out a campaign fundraising e-mail solicitation today asking you to help her send a message to Karl Rove on his last day. With a black background and red font, Boyda begs for money to build a response network to Karl Rove's political legacy.

After recent follies of her own, including her juvenile retort to General Keane, Nancy needs money to hold on to the seat she is giving away, but it's looking like it won't take a political strategist like Karl Rove to beat her.

Also in the e-mail is an interesting note. Steny Hoyer, U.S. House Majority Leader is coming to Kansas on her behalf . . . Despite claims she would run an independent campaign in 2008, Nancy has been taking help from DC Democrats all along, now she will blatantly host the Majority Leader in Kansas.

Will the Kansas media wake up and call her on her hypocrisy? Probably not, they've let her get away with most everything so far.


Anonymous said...

the e-mail was ugly, you're right.

but she hasn't yet been a can be independent and still have friends come in to help you...after all, she doesn't vote with leadership nearly as often as you must think she does (90.9% according to the Washington Post- that's less "party faithful" than the rest of the Kansas delegation except for Jerry Moran- he's a 88.1%)

Anonymous said...

Boyda was up at 95% until a couple months ago and took so much criticism for it, she intentionally backed off . . .

She has been a hypocrite. She took money from DC Democrat leadership and a ton from DC lobbyists. Having the majority leader come in is pretty much accepting DC help, which she said she didn't want or need.

Anonymous said...

I hear the Cap Journal people are getting kind of tired of covering for her since they can see that this will require more and much harder work, as she seems to believe their pathetic coverage.

Anonymous said...

Voting with your party isn't a big wouldn't be in a party if you didn't agree with it most of the time.

why do you think anyone other than partisan R's care?

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