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Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Right Thing

Sen. Larry Craig did the right thing by stepping down from the Senate. If he wasn't guilty of illicit activity in MN, he shouldn't have pled guilty to the charges.

What I want to know is why a man caught with $90,000 of apparent bribery money in his freezer hasn't stepped down from Congress and why Democrat leaders haven't insisted? Yes, Larry Craig brought shame on his office, BUT William Jefferson looks to have been caught SELLING his office. That's worse.

This is no way aimed to defend the actions of Duke Cunningham, Mark Foley, Bob Ney or any other Republican guilty of criminal activity, but William Jefferson should resign.

Of course, Democrats just don't have a history of asking their politicians to resign when they are caught red handed.

Democrat Barney Frank should have resigned when it was found a prostitution service was being run from his house. The Democrat led Ethics Committee said there was no way he should have known . . . Frank is now the Chairman of the Financial Services Committee.

Democrat Gerry Studds had sex with a 17 year old male page and was merely censured by the House - worse conduct then Mark Foley.

Maxine Waters of California has been called into question for doing favors for her family.

Basically, the list could go on and on for the Democrats, but they are held to a lower standard by the press and their own party.

Let's start with Jefferson. Call Nancy Boyda and tell her to talk to her friend Steny Hoyer (who hired a lobbyist as his new Chief of Staff, this lobbyist was under investigation for giving a below interest loan to another member of Congress in exchange for support of legislation) and tell him William Jefferson must go.


Anonymous said...

people hate politics because of posts like the one you just made.

"yes, our side is sick and disgusting, but there side is worse!"

It's sad Sen. Craig's career is over because of a mistake- people shouldn't be destroyed for mistakes. My heart goes out to his family and to the families of all the other people you mentioned- they don't deserve what people like you have given them.

Also- Craig did, indeed, plead guilty to a crime- Jefferson has not. People are always innocent in this nation until they are proven guilty, Jefferson has not been found guilty, so he should not resign his seat. Nancy should not encourage him to- she should believe he is innocent until proven otherwise, and you should, too.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that whore-mongering David Vitter still in Congress?

Anonymous said...

Mark Foley never pled guilty to a crime and all the Democrats were calling for him to resign . . . not that I'm defending him.

Gerry Studds admitted to having sex with a page, stayed in Congress.

William Jefferson has been indicted. When Tom Delay was indicted (on a pretty bogus charge), the Democrats all called for him to resign . . .

It looks like there's a double standard.

Anonymous said...

Hey, man, i'm certainly not saying it was right for the D's to call on any of those people to resign- it wasn't right. I'm just saying I don't think Nancy should call on Jefferson to resign until he's been found guilty of a crime- until then all Americans, Democrats and Republicans, should assume he is innocent.

After he is found guilty (I think he will be) I think everyone should call for his resignation.

Decide there is a double standard if you want- but I think the sick part is how ready the R's are to point out how no one should care about Larry Craig because the D's are just as bad. That's bad logic, and DOES NOT help the R's make up for anything- and reminding the country of the now dead Rep. Studds does nothing at all to help your cause

Anonymous said...

Didn't this post say Larry Craig did the right thing in stepping down? How was Bounce Boyda defending him?

I will say that he was stupid to plead guilty when the only thing from what I can read he would be found guilty of for sure was three foot taps and a hand wave. Maybe it was his guilty conscience . . .

Studds death doesn't make his behavior any more acceptable.

Fact is Democrats rarely step down from office when confronted with illegal behavior, but they expect Republicans too . . .why is that?

Anonymous said...

newsflash. Nancy Boyda has called on Jefferson to resign.

Also, Jefferson is an isolated example. William Jefferson and a few Democrats from 20-30 years ago don't even come close to the Republican Culture of Corruption.

Delay, Foley, Doolittle, Renzi, Cunningham...I don't remember them being forced out by GOP leadership.

Hell, in 2005 John Boehner, a man who once passed out checks from Big Tobacco on the house floor while they were voting on Tobacco legislation, became the GOP's leader in the house.

The difference between GOP corruption and Democratic corruption is that Democratic corruption is a thing of the past. GOP corruption is alive and well.

Anonymous said...

newsflash...Boyda, Hoyer, Pelosi, Waters, Jefferson and Harry Reid are all current Members of Congress.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the house bank check bouncing. That was majority Democrat . . .

Hoyer has a Chief of Staff who, while a lobbyist, gave basically a no interest loan to Democrat Rep. Jim Moran to get him to co-sponsor a bill. This isn't a party that seems to concerned with ethical behavior.

Pelosi was cited by the FEC with double dipping by creating two leadership PACs to collect contributions for.

Fact is, corruption seems to have no party affiliation.

But, let's not forget Democrat Congressman Conyers from Michigan who has been caught making fundraising calls from his office. He has forced Congressional staff to do campaign work, etc, etc. He too is a current member of Congress (as is Barney Frank of the prostitution ring).

Anonymous said...

this is all so sad.

"Republicans are just as corrupt as Democrats!"

what on EARTH does this do to make the Republicans look better? STOP IT! STOP TALKING ABOUT IT! DROP IT! the more often people read in the press some Republican moaning about how unfair it is people forget Democrats are corrupt, too...the more the story about Republicans being corrupt is re-enforced?

don't you get it?

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