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Friday, August 10, 2007

Boyda Still Defending Herself

In her latest defense of the now infamous incident, Boyda told the Leavenworth Times she was frustrated that she wasn't getting straight answers from General Keane. First, that's something my mother said to me when I wasn't truthful about who broke the lamp in the living room. It's what moms say when they don't want to come out and call you a liar, but that's what Boyda is doing, she's calling a retired General a LIAR. Second, she hadn't asked him any questions yet when she left in a huff, General Keane was merely testifying about his observations. Third, Boyda needs to realize, there is no defense for what she did.

In other news . . .

Many Dems will try to spin Charlie Cook's ratings of the Second District as "Lean Democrat" that Boyda is somehow safer than originally thought. Cook had Ryun as Safe Republican until about 3-4 weeks before the election in 2006, so let's not put too much stock in his ratings particularly this far out. But, the only reason Boyda isn't in the pure toss up catagory is the fact that Ryun and Jenkins are likely going to be involved in a prolonged primary fight. That will weaken the eventual winner and give the incumbent a slight edge going into the general election. Finally, my guess is that Cook had already done his ratings before Boyda's national negative image from her temper tantrum against General Keane which can't go over well in the military-heavy Second District.

It's no secret Boyda is a top 10 target for national Republicans which means she shouldn't get too comfortable in office. If you look back at the 1994 Republican takeover, several shall we call them "marginal at best," members of Congress were elected on the Republican side only to see their career in Washington come to an end two years later. Some things get swept in during high tide, only to get swept back out to sea during the next cycle.


Anonymous said...

from what i understand, when the Cap-J asked people what they thought about the "walk out" and my guy at the paper said of the about 100 e-mails they got, 65-70 of them where "way to go nancy" e-mails. not a valid poll, but, still...

also, the manhattan mercury is getting it's ass chewed to their editorial about Boyda. My sense is: the district doesn't think she didn't much anything wrong. some people do, but not a majority

Anonymous said...

How can the paper let her get away with "I'm going to continue to ask the tough questions" -- she walked out instead of asking those "tough" questions. Instead, she made a rambling speech that mischaracterized the General's statement -- she did so again in this article. So, she's going to call the General and ask some questions. She's a buffoon. IF she really is finally up for answering questions she submits them through Chairman Skelton for the record.

Anonymous said...

please, of course the anti-war crowd is going to support Nancy, plus Nancy has a little network of people willing to write in to the cap journal. I'm sure they sounded the alarm when they realized what she'd done.

The problem with your theory is that Boyda doesn't have a lot of room for error. She got 50.5% of the vote. If she just turned off an additional 1% of the people, she's under 50%. Politics is a numbers game and Boyda is driving her numbers down.

Anonymous said...

She's a fool. It's painfully obvious. And will become more so.

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