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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

People Are Still Talking About Boyda And It's Not Good

The fallout from Nancy Boyda's ridiculous actions and statements regarding the war is still coming. Here's another, "I couldn't have said it better myself" paragraph found on Yahoo News yesterday.

"General Keane hadn't recommended Iraq as a vacation spot. But that did not stop Boyda from indulging in hyperbole and suggesting his evidence of progress would "further divide this country." The implication is that the country would unify if only Gen. Keane and others who see encouraging signs would be quiet--a corrosive sentiment in a democracy sustained through public debate."

If you've ever heard Nancy Boyda speak, you probably already know this, but Iraq isn't the only issue in which Nancy Boyda favors a monologue over a debate. In fact, remember last fall when Nancy Boyda said she didn't care what Senator Roberts, or Democrat Transportation Secretaries Mineta (US) or Miller (KS) had to say about there not being a superhighway coming across Kansas. Nancy Boyda said it was happening, and thus it was happening. Nancy Boyda simply cares little about anything other than her own liberal internal monologue and don't you dare cross her.

And another note on this: The Topeka Capital Journal has still not taken Boyda to task on this issue. Yet, they have lauded her for an ethics bill she clearly didn't write (the debate on the House floor proved she didn't know what was in it), rather the Democrat leadership who she votes with nearly 95% of the time just slapped her name on it. This is bad journalism, but who among us is surprised.


Anonymous said...

Did you see that the new National Chairman of the Young Republicans just resigned because he's being charged with gay-raping a 22-year old boy?

Anonymous said...

Not to defend him, but he hasn't been charged with anything, and what exactly does this have to with the fact that Nancy Boyda is making us look bad?

Anonymous said...

It's called a diversion. Trying to steer the conversation away from Boyda and deflect onto others. Typical Democratic ploy that often works.

Anonymous said...

I think that I might have met the YR Chair at the Ryun/Foley block party last year.

Anonymous said...

Why would the D's be so concerned about the YR Chair. After all, the D's elected a rapist to the White House in '92.

Anonymous said...

Boyda just seems silly now. Even the Cap Journal's daily shilling exercise can't hide the fact that she's in way over her head. If the criticism doesn't let up, we'll start hearing the "I'm just a girl" routine. Maybe she thinks she can whine and pout her way to re-election.

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