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Thursday, August 2, 2007


While we're all focusing on Boyda's temper tantrum, she snuck in a vote that seems to go against all of her rhetoric on the campaign trail and since.

Seems she voted to give illegal immigrant children access to taxpayer funded health care. That's not a good way to encourage them not to come accross the border in the first place. In fact, it's an incentive to come here. What's next? Democrats will vote to give all illegal immigrants a new car? If this is Nancy's way of keeping our borders in check, we should be very, very scared.

The kicker, she voted to pay for it by raising taxes AND cutting Medicare benefits for our seniors.

Good thing for her Congress is going to be in recess for August. Well, maybe it's a good thing. I"m calling on everyone to show up at her public events and ask for an explanation about ridiculing a retired General, making Kansas a laughingstock AND voting to give illegal immigrants more benefits.


Anonymous said...

christ....what about the MILLIONS of children- red-blooded American children- that get assistance because os SCHIP?

i can handle making fun of the congresswoman because she did something stupid, but how dare you attack her for helping children?

bounce2008 said...

I'm not attacking her for helping children. I'm saying she voted for a bill that expands SCHIP to illegal immigrants and does it by raising taxes on red-blooded American citizens and by cutting Medicare for Seniors who paid into it as legal citizens their entire lives.

Anonymous said...

Earth to Jenkins...Earth to Ryun. You know where Kansans are on
1. raising taxes
2. illegal immigration
3. raising taxes to subsidize illegal immigration.
Please make use of this political gift. Sooner or later she might start to wise up. Then where will you be?

Anonymous said...

If Boyda wants to help children of parents making $80k per year without health insurance, I would suggest she make it her life's work to sit down individually with each of the parent's and explain to them the importance of making sure their children have insurance coverage -- that it really should be one of the parent's top priorities. If she wants to do that type of hand-holding, fine. I pay for my kids' insurance -- through my employer plan with a sizable contribution from myself, not to mention co-pays. I choose to do so because it is my responsibility to take care of my kids. We don't have a flat screen tv and both of our cars are more than 5 years old, but we somehow manage to get by ....

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