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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Nancy Goes National (Again)

After her now infamous interview on ABC in January, one would think Nancy Boyda would avoid the national media as she's clearly not good enough for prime time . . . oops she did it again, this time on CBS.

Let's go to the video.

Good grief, this is just embarrassing.

And in the written piece called "Your Tax Dollars Held Captive", Boyda looks well, not that bright . . .

Here's one of the strange things about the $100,000 Congressional earmark for a Prison Museum in Kansas, the subject of my report tonight on the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric: the money is for the interior of the museum, presumably for things like display cases. But the museum planning isn't even far enough along for anyone to know how much is needed for the interior. In fact, before anyone can really think about the interior, the town of Lansing, Kansas has to raise about $3 million to build the outside of the museum, and the hard core fundraising hasn't even started.

Some would say giving $100,000 commitment of federal tax dollars to a local museum that may never be more than the current 3-D putting the cart before the horse. What if I told you that the Kansas member of Congress who got the earmark, Nancy Boyda, actually asked for more than ten times that amount for the Prison Museum in her home state? It's true. She put in for $1.18 million tax dollars for the museum. That amount was apparently whittled down by her fellow Democrats.

When I asked Rep. Boyda why she wanted so much money for the Museum, she said it's simply because the Lansing, Kansas Mayor asked. "We get all kinds of requests (for earmarks) and, for the most part, we made the request that we were asked," Boyda told me. It sure makes her sound generous with our tax though all one needs to do is get Nancy Boyda's ear, ask for federal money for a project, and she'll comply. When I asked Rep. Boyda why federal tax money should pay for a local project that is apparently designed to help the local economy, Boyda gave a big picture answer. She said the Prison Museum would in effect be a sort of memorial to fallen prison guards who do some of the most dangerous work in the nation.

When I interviewed the Mayor of Lansing who's in charge of the project, he never once mentioned the Museum as a memorial. Besides, there already is a national memorial for fallen law enforcement officers in Washington D.C...built, by the way, entirely with private funds. There are other issues with this earmark.

When I interviewed Rep. Boyda she wasn't really sure how the money would be spent. In fact, no detailed budget had been presented justifying the specific need for the money, or committing to specific details of how the money would be spent.


Anonymous said...

i'm proud of a congressperson working to bring dollars back to kansas..good for her!

Anonymous said...

Thanks's nice to be proud of your wife.

Anonymous said...

The problem is she campaigned to not waste a single dollar of taxpayer money, and now she basically is going back on her word. The problem with Nancy is she doesn't stand for anything, she is just trying to make everyone happy.

Anonymous said...

Did she really ask for $1.2 million for the museum?

Anonymous said...

she isn't wasting for communities is excellent...and she's using money that, we must remember, wasn't new spending to make sure taxes can stay low in leavenworth co.

the money was already in the bill, it was already going to be spent- she's just making sure it was spent in kansas.

Anonymous said...

That is the problem with government, they think just because the money is there they can spend it. Why don't they cut $1.2 million out of the budget instead of spending on a stupid museum. If 535 members of congress each ask for $10 million to be spent for frivilous items, that equates to half a billion dollars that could be cut. The real issue here is that Boyda is doing exactly the thing she said she wouldn't do, which is waste one dollar of taxpayer money. If she hadn't campaigned on this so heavily and beat Ryun and Congress up for doing exactly what she is doing now, I don't think anyone would have a problem. However it is typical politician, say one thing to get elected and then do another. On another note did anyone notice the Capital Journal didn't ask Boyda about the shortage of highway funds, seems CJ just asks Boyda about the good stuff she does. They don't report anything that would put her on the spot. ala the CBS interview.

Anonymous said...

Why would the Cap Journal ask her any hard questions? Aren't they her ad hoc press team?

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