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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Boyda Can't Help It

Today, Nancy Boyda sent out another campaign e-mail . . . this time it's primary focus was fundraising. She's promoting her newspaper inserts again . . . saying she will have more in depth discussions on issues. Um, Nancy, your newspaper inserts last year were primarily hit pieces on Jim Ryun, so this would actually be the first in depth discussions on issues (if you call the phantom superhighway an issue).

Then Nancy threw in a promo for Demofest . . .

And just when I thought maybe Nancy had learned her lesson, I got to the last paragraph . . .

"I wrote to you last week about my recent mission trip to Parsons, where I stayed at a local church while helping repair flood damage in Freedonia. As you may know, much of Kansas has suffered from severe weather this year. Twelve Second District counties were declared federal disaster areas after the June floods, and other regions have endured heavy rains, tornadoes, and late freezes. I ask you to join me in keeping all Kansas victims of natural disaster in your thoughts and prayers."

First, Nancy is now promoting this thing as a "mission trip." I guess she's doing that because she thinks it sounds better. She did not mention that it was a "mission trip" in her first e-mail . . .

Second, some commenters suggested Boyda wasn't calling on people to click on her fundraising link in the first e-mail . . . well, she actually did by calling their attention to visit the "links of interest" section where she had put one in on the flood relief, followed by her campaign link and CONTRIBUTION link. She could have put the flood relief link in the body of the e-mail and just left the campaigning and contributing off. But she didn't. She CHOSE to raise money from the story of these victims.

Again, I have no problem with Nancy sending out an e-mail talking about her work with flood relief, just please don't try to raise campaign money from this tragedy (twice).


Anonymous said...

in the end, no one cares but you...and other people wouldn't ever consider giving her money anyway.

Personally, I think mentioning keeping the folks in SEK in our hearts is just being kind, and I don't care what the real reason for the e-mail was.

But, whatever, this is a piddly thing and not really worth the false umbrage. But, honestly, i'm getting used to that from the Republicans.

"I'm shocked, SHOCKED their is gambling going on in this establishment..."

Anonymous said...

grow up.

And if you really give two shits about SEK, then get down there and do something, instead of politicizing the actions of the people who are helping.

Anonymous said...

Seriously...4 pop ups? WTF?

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, who is politicizing the events down there? Steve Boyda, is that you commenting on here . . . sounds like you.

Actually, I care. I think it's terrible that she is politicizing this event to get campaign money. If she just cared about SEK, she would have just sent an e-mail out about it without asking for money.

Anonymous said...

i think it's nice of her to mention- i will never ever vote for her, but i think we should all be reminded to keep those people in our thoughts.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to remember people in need, but not in conjunction with a fundraising endeavor.

Anonymous said...

it's nice regardless of when it is.

Anonymous said...

i'm saying something nice: you aren't nearly as batshit crazy as the folks at Stay Red Kansas are.

Good job.

Anonymous said...

So what you're saying is, it would've been "nice" for a Congressman to do a campaign fundraising solicitation based in the aftermath of the Greensburg tornado or even 9/11?? To me, that's political opportunism at its absolute worst.

Anonymous said...

of course, boyda-haters, what she did wasn't use the disaster to raise money. There was no active ask in the first e-mail- an ask was there, but she didn't push it. That e-mail was quite nice.

Second time round, the e-mail was an active ask, the vast majority of the e-mail was an ask and then, at the bottom, in a part of the e-mail lots of people probably didn't even see, she mentioned the disaster and asked us to keep the people in our thoughts..again, a nice thing to do.

She worded both e-mail to make SURE what everyone here is saying wasn't true...she made SURE she wasn't directly using the events to raise money..and she did a fine job not doing that.

Only people who hate her care- the other 70% of people in the district don't (no..i'm not saying 70% of people are ever going to vote for her..but I am saying the vast majority don't HATE her)

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