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Monday, October 15, 2007

Boyda's Loss - Inevitable?

Real Clear Politics ran this article today, calling Boyda one of the three Members of Congress least deserving of their election in the 2006 Democratic wave.

The astute writer picked up on the fact that Boyda didn't write the pension bill, but that the Democrat leaders gave it to her to introduce:

"The party has tried to help her build legislative accomplishments - she introduced the bill to ban pensions to members of Congress convicted of certain crimes"
And, the only hope Boyda has is an ugly Republican primary:

The Republican primary will produce a nominee in strong position to take on the freshman Democrat. Ryun is running again, as is State Treasurer Lynn Jenkins. Jenkins has already hinted that the primary may be an ugly affair. In a meeting of district Republican leaders in August, she criticized Congressional GOP leadership, though without mentioning Ryun by name."

Let's hope Jenkins and Ryun will not make it ugly . . .


Anonymous said...

it's true, boyda's best hope for re-election comes through a awful primary....she also has the benefit of incumbency, and the benefit of what will be (probably) another banner year for Democrats.

Ryun should never have lost, and he shouldn't be running again. His presence in the race is the best that has ever happened to the new congresswoman.

Anonymous said...

The ugliest thing so far is Ryun spending 220K of the 250K he raised this quarter...or maybe just the dumbest...

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