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Monday, October 15, 2007

Topline Fundraising Numbers - Boyda, Jenkins, Ryun

The Fundraising Numbers Are In - More Commentary Later

Ryun top fundraiser, $78,000 more than Boyda, $135,000 more than Jenkins.
Boyda tops Cash on Hand, $100,000 more than Jenkins, $126,000 more than Ryun.


Raised, $172,145.71
Spent, $57,630.77
Cash on Hand, $460,448.29


Raised, $115,406.59
Spent, $43,442.17
Cash on Hand, $360,768.73


Raised, $250,064.00
Spent, $219,681.61
Cash on Hand, $334,658.26

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Anonymous said...

Funny you didn't mention Jenkins has more cash on hand than Ryun. don't forget Ryun transferred over 100,000 from his last campaign, so for 6 months effort he has about $150,000 to show for his work. Most of which comes from outside Kansas. Pathetic if you ask me. And then he has the gall to critize Jenkins for her fiscal policy. Jim get a clue, you can't stand on your record. Quit now before it gets ugly.

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