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Monday, October 15, 2007

The Spin

Here is my summation of the talking points sent out by the campaigns. I will publish a more in depth look at the numbers tomorrow.

Jenkins Spin -

90% of her contributions come from individual KS donors
Lynn Jenkins will singlehandedly end business as usual in Washington, DC

Ryun Spin -

Added 300 new Kansas donors
Points out Jenkins has put in $100K+ of her own money to inflate her numbers
For the first time, Ryun campaign via its Campaign Manager blasts Jenkins for voting to raise taxes.


Boyda Bloc said...

for those of you who might want a, ah, different view of Congresswoman Boyda, please visit the new blog "Boyda Bloc"- dedicated to the defense of the congresswoman from the conservative hit jobs.

everyone's welcome :-)

Anonymous said...

Idiots, figure it out. Jenkins put the exact amount in her campaign that Ryun carried over from his last campaign. This way the cash on hand is apples to apples. Also Jenkins voted for more tax decreases than she did increases. Ryun can't run on his record of deficit spending. He's running his campaign just like he did when in Congress. Spend a lot, raise a lot and show nothing in return.

Anonymous said...

How can ryun prove he has 300 new Kansas donors. Duh he can't. Look at the number of recorded Kansas donors for Jenkins versus Ryun. Ryun can't raise money in KS. Even some of the money he raised in Wichita is tainted due to Tihart involvement. Tihart was supposed to stay out of primaries. He is an idiot, a liar and he'll go to hell for the lies he has told.

Anonymous said...

don't forget Boyda won on saying she would change Washington, no one wants to go back to Ryun. Deficit spending, deficit spending, and more deficit spending. Jim, get a clue the old Republican line doesn't work. If it works in the primary it just guarantees you'll lose the general. Take you nice government pension and run, run away from the 2nd district race.

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