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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

This Is Funny

Nancy Boyda is so upset about this little blog that she's had one of her supporters start a response blog - Boyda Bloc which is dedicated to coming to her defense. They started off defending Boyda taking nearly half of her money from PACs in the 3rd Quarter.

Does anyone other than me remember Boyda saying she didn't want Washington help?

Some of her PAC contributors, John Murtha and Nancy Pelosi. Oh, and she also was the beneficiary of contributions sent to her using the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee as a "conduit."

Hmmmm, looks an awful lot like she's agreed to become and unofficial recipient of the Democrats' Frontline program to me.

Dear Bloc Boyda,

You have your work cut out for you.




Boyda Bloc said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Boyda Bloc said...

Thanks for the plug!

Politics is about discussion- and it's important both sides get their time. I only hope I can provide the congresswoman what you provide the former congressman.

-Boyda Bloc

Anonymous said...

oh, ho! competition for the biggest hack award! will Bounce Boyda and SRK be able to beat back the liberal upstart? or will Blue Tide Rising sweep back in to keep the title?

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