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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Do Nothing Democrats

The Democrat-controlled House took their 1000th vote of the year recently, and have broken the old record for number of votes.

Don't confuse activity for results.

There have been 96 bills signed into law this year. 49 of them involved naming post offices, honoring people or giving land grants to Indian tribes. This doesn't include the multitude of bills that were technical changes or continuing funding resolutions caused by the fact NONE of the appropriatoins bills have passed the Democrat-controlled Congress.

By comparison, Republicans passed 482 bills into law in the previous two years (and yes, many were post office namings and honoring resolutions).

In fact, I'm not one to say that Republicans got it right legislatively . . . if they had, they'd still be in the majority. But, Democrats ran against Republicans saying they didn't get anything done . . . guess it's harder than it looks, huh Mr. Reid and Ms. Pelosi.

To the Dems I say this, stop playing run out the clock and hope we win the White House and start actually negotiating with President Bush on things like SCHIP. The American people want results, not excuses and political posturing.


Anonymous said...

That means the Republicans have vetoed or filibustered 994 bills.

I bet a you a nickel that's a record for obstructive tactics.

Anonymous said...

Nope moron it means they put forward 904 bills that couldn't get enough votes to be passed. Just shows you how much they reached across the aisle to work with everyone for good policy..... another one of their many campaign lies to obtain power.

Anonymous said...

it means the R won't work with the majority, just to win political points with their base.

Anonymous said...

I dunno about this one. Since when a Democratic Congress "does something", it usually manifests itself as some form of "take your money and run your life", it's hard for me to see them doing nothing as a Bad Thing.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Pavian, you are a wise person! I couldn't agree more!

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