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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Nancy Has Some Explaining to Do

Does Nancy Boyda think the Kansas media is so stupid as to not see the hypocrisy in bringing Nancy Pelosi to Kansas to raise money for her?

According to the Buzz Blog, what we reported here is now official. Liberal Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is coming to Kansas to raise money for the embattled freshman.

"Kansas Congresswoman Nancy Boyda is playing the Pelosi card next month.

That's Nancy Pelosi, the House speaker often criticized by GOPers as the personification of elite liberalism.

Pelosi and Gov. Kathleen Sebelius will attend a Nov. 9 fundraiser for Boyda at the Shawnee home of Lyn Shaw and Dennis Langley, a former Kansas Democratic chairman."

Well, maybe the Kansas mainstream media is fooled by Boyda, but we're not. This is pure hypocrisy on Boyda's part. Or maybe Boyda thought we wouldn't notice it because it was outside the Second District.


Anonymous said...

whatever you want to believe. She's the leader of the house of representatives, and she, of course, wants nancy re-elected so regardless of the fact Boyda has been a torn in her side on several issues, she's still coming to kansas to make sure we can keep our excellent congresswoman.

and, remember again- just like with the Hoyer fundraise- Boyda will be bringing in a celebrity to help her raise KANSAS money- not "tainted DC money" KANSAS, say whatever you want, it's silly.

Anonymous said...

The Second District media never reported on the Speaker coming into KC for Ryun either.

Denny never made the papers or local TV news even though helicopters were flying over head.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, did Ryun say he wouldn't take DC help? Nope, he didn't. Boyda did. That's the difference.

Anonymous said...

Yeah ..... that "outside Washington DC" thing lasted for almost a session not even a full year.

Heck Nancy Boyda and Nancy Pelosi are buddies. You can only hide who you really are for so long.

Anonymous said...

Boyda's seat is certianly considered 'on the table'. Make sure we have lots of pictures of the Nancys at this thing. Given Pelosi's record, it will be fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

Bring in the leader of one of .. if not the lowest rated Congress in history.

Anonymous said...

Wow, she's really an independent voice in Washington.

Why do people fall for this kind of political grandstanding?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget her very public, "I won't particiapte in Frontline because I want to remain independent" comments. Hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Really, an independent voice in Washington, huh? An independent voice in Washington doesn't have the Speaker of the House come to Kansas for a fundraiser.

Boyda Bloc said...

I love how Republicans spin even when the truth is so apparent to people not blinded by partisanship.

Pelosi isn't bringing donors with her- the money raised will be Kansas money, and just because a celebrity is coming to town doesn't mean Boyda's any more or any less independent.

So, I guess, believe whatever spin you want, in the end, Kansas knows better.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, Boyda Bloc, aren't you a member of the same crowd that went on an on about Jim Ryun being tied to GOP leadership and how bad that was for Kansas . . . Face it Boyda LIED about not accepting help from DC leadership and LIED about not accepting DC PAC money . . . and LIED about taking DC Frontline money.

And really, who do you think was more out of touch with Kansas values, the Speaker of the House from Illinois, Hastert, or the Speaker of the House from San Fran, Nancy Pelosi?

This is a problem for Boyda . . .wait till the Republican nominee runs a TV ad with Boyda and Pelosi's picture talking about all the money Pelosi gave/raised Boyda.

Anonymous said...

money raised in Kansas- it just isn't anything other than that

Anonymous said...

Voters' views of Pelosi, Congress have dimmed
By John Hill -

Published 12:00 am PDT Saturday, October 27, 2007
Story appeared in MAIN NEWS section, Page A3

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's own party is turning on her, apparently because of a perception among California Democrats that she has not done enough to shake up the status quo in Washington, D.C., according to a Field Poll released Friday.

Congress overall is doing even worse with California voters, with an approval rating sagging to 30 percent or below for only the seventh time in the past 15 years, the poll of 1,201 registered voters found. Both Pelosi, the San Francisco Democrat who became speaker this year, and Congress as a whole have fallen short of voter expectations since taking over both houses, poll director Mark DiCamillo said.

"I think the reason for her decline and the low ratings Congress is getting is that voters here are not seeing any change," DiCamillo said.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein's approval rating of 51 percent is down 10 percentage points since March, but consistent with her average over the years. Sen. Barbara Boxer's rating also has slumped, from 54 percent in March to 44 percent. Both Boxer and Feinstein, however, still enjoy the approval of more voters than disapproval of them.

For Pelosi, it was the first time the poll showed more people disapproving than approving of her performance – 40 percent to 35 percent, with 25 percent having no opinion.

Other polls since 2003 have shown larger numbers of voters with no opinion, but Pelosi always won more approval than disapproval. As recently as March, California Democrats approved of Pelosi by a 5-to-1 ratio, DiCamillo said. Now it's less than 2-to-1. Nonpartisan voters also have soured on her.

Only 22 percent of voters approve of the job Congress is doing, the poll found, while 64 percent disapprove.

The six other times that congressional approval has dipped to 30 percent or below can be tied to specific events, such as the impeachment of President Clinton or the economic downturn of the early 1990s that hit California particularly hard, DiCamillo said.

During tough times, he said, voters saw Congress as a convenient target. "They were taking it out on anybody and everybody," he said.

Still, the Democrats now in charge of Congress fared better than Republicans, with a 34 percent approval rating compared to 20 percent for the GOP. California Republicans are more critical of their own party, the poll found, with only 29 percent approving of the performance of congressional Republicans.

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