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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Turns Out, Boyda Agreed with Ryun on NCLB

At her town hall meeting yesterday, Boyda offered no real ideas on reforming No Child Left Behind other than to say she thought states should be able to opt out - something Jim Ryun voted for when NCLB passed Congress. Democrats, led by George Miller and Ted Kennedy, said no way.

Boyda blasted Ryun during the campaign last year on NCLB, knowing full well he voted against it and supported letting Kansas opt out. Now, she's taking the same positions Ryun did.


Anonymous said...

this was a silly post...good for Boyda trying to help fix and otherwise good concept. Ryun didn't do anything of the sort- and it was the REPUBLICANS THAT WROTE THE DAMN BILL.

Anonymous said...

Um, right, get with the program...that's the point. Republicans wrote the awful bill that is wreaking havok in our schools now and Ryun had the foresight and the gumption to vote against it even though the President and party leaders were behind it. This is only one of several examples of his willingness to vote for Kansas values regardless of party lines. We haven't seen any of that from Boyda...she's been talking a big independent game, then voting with Pelosi down the line.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget this was the President Bush and Senator Kennedy bill.

Luckily, and wisely, Ryun voted against NCLB.

Anonymous said...

To provide an education lesson to some, here is a history of NCLB.

Anonymous said...

I don't think luck had anything to do with Ryun's vote on NCLB. Hearing him speak on the campaign trail, he knew it was a bad bill from step one.

Funny how Boyda is realizing Ryun was/is correct on a lot of issues. I wonder how long the imitation will continue in spite of her campaign rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

Ryun was correct on NCLB, but I don't think he voted against it for any of the reasons discussed so far- I think Ryun voted against it because, well, he wants to eliminate the US Dept. of Education (check back on his '96 run).

And, what in the world else is Boyda finding that Ryun was right on? as far as i can tell she's not doing anything even similar to what he did.

Anonymous said...

Boyda has adopted Ryun's position on illegal immigration. She campaigned on "a pathway to citizenship". She has now changed her tune to adopt Ryun's position that we should secure the borders first and foremost, and to require the legal immigration process.

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