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Friday, November 9, 2007

Boyda-Pelosi Says No to Protecting State Marriage Laws

From the NRCC, this sure doesn't sound like Boyda-Pelosi is representing Kansans . . .

"Once again, Rep. Nancy Boyda allied herself with Democrat leaders in Washington, instead of her constituents, as she voted to kill a measure to protect state marriage laws from being changed in a courtroom by trial lawyers. The important motion Boyda voted against would have ensured that states’ laws on the definition of marriage could not be overturned, redefined or restricted (House Roll Call 1056).

Because the measure was killed by Boyda and her Democrat colleagues, the Democrats’ Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) fails to fully protect state laws from being manipulated by trial lawyers. The current ENDA laws are being misused by judges across country granting them the power to define marriage according to their own personal opinions."

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Anonymous said...

Nice scare tactic. Nevermind that Kansas' marriage is defined in the constitution and thus immune from "activist judges" (also known as checks and balances) Perhaps we should just abolish the judicial branch entirely, but then who would be there to protect Terry Schiavo.

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