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Thursday, November 8, 2007

One Year Out

Today's News

Ryun opens campaign office.

Boyda-Pelosi praises the Bible . . . which is fine, but if Jim Ryun had done this the left would have been screaming about him being a "wing nut." Furthermore, maybe Nancy has missed one of the 10 commandments, thou shall not lie. She told some whoppers last year during the campaign AND she's told some this year as well. But, Boyda-Pelosi has never been afraid to pander.


Anonymous said...

wait...maybe explain what she lied about???

Anonymous said...

Not taking DC money, remaining independent. . . .shall I continue?

Uncle Pavian said...

One reason Mrs. Boyda (Democrat, Kansas) gets a pass on praising the Bible is that, despite her claim to be on a mission from God, no one in her core constituency takes her displays of piety as anything more than a show for the yokels. She doesn't believe it, her handlers know she doesn't believe it, and I know she doesn't believe it.

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