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Monday, November 5, 2007

Sorry for the Delay

The Parsons Sun last week became the first news outlet to run an article on Nancy Boyda-Pelosi's so-called "independence."

I want to focus on this:

"However, spokesman Thomas Seay said it is Boyda's performance in Congress, not who comes to her fundraisers, that really matters to voters. Although she's grateful for the support she's receiving from Pelosi and other top national Democrats, Seay said Boyda's focus remains on her district."

Umm, Thomas, Boyda-Pelosi said she didn't want Democrat Leadership help raising money. But she is and has been accepting it. That strikes of hypocrisy, and Boyda's apparently grateful for the support.

Further debunking the independent claim is this:

"Boyda votes with her party 92.1 percent of the time, according to a Washington Post online database, about the same as the average for House Democrats."

Boyda-Pelosi = Hypocrisy & Is Just like every other House Democrat.


Anonymous said...

wow...what an awesome rebuttal.

Thanks, you little math whiz!

Anonymous said...

actually, the 92% is much lower than most democrats, hence that vague statement "about average"

Anonymous said...

No, this bit o' mathematical genius:

Boyda-Pelosi = Hypocrisy & Is Just like every other House Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Okay ..... to put it into perspective ...... over 9 out of every 10 votes were just as Nancy Pelosi's.

Anonymous said...

Don't apologize for the delay, nobady missed you.

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