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Monday, December 3, 2007

Earth to Boyda-Pelosi

From the "it's never going to happen" file . . .

According to this Cap Journal story, Nancy Boyda-Pelosi says we should get out of NAFTA. Never mind the studies that over and over and over again say that productivity and not trade is responsible for the decline in manufacturing jobs. Never mind the studies that say trade has a substantially bigger economic benefit than economic loss . . . let's all join Boyda-Pelosi and throw solid economic theory right out the window.

It's a populist-protectionist-union applause line, but it would be bad for our economy to get out of NAFTA - particularly an economy like Kansas that is heavy on exports.

Let's go a step further, and ask this, is there a presidential candidate with a snowball's chance of winning next November who would sign such a measure?

Here's my other question about all this, Boyda-Pelosi says NAFTA cost us jobs AND gave us immigration problems. Hmmmmmmmmm, if all of our jobs are going to say, Mexico, why would all the Mexicans come to the United States for jobs?

Nancy, please quit playing into our fears and learn economics.


Anonymous said...

So, let me get this straight - You want her to be independent of leadership, but she shouldn't advocate positions if leadership wouldn't let them pass?

I don't personally agree with this position either, but its obvious that Nancy does and there are a lot of people on the right, left and in the middle who really hate NAFTA. Looks like a pretty brave decision to me, even if it won't pass, especially for a freshman.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmmmmmm, if all of our jobs are going to say, Mexico, why would all the Mexicans come to the United States for jobs?

Because the jobs that did go to mexico are so low-paying that they don't offer much incentive to stick around.

Anonymous said...

This is a really smart move by Boyda. With all of the anti illegal alien sentiment in the US right now this is bound to get her some national exposure.

Anonymous said...

And it was smart of her to back off her "pathway to citizenship" that she campaigned on in 2006. That was a wrong position and she evidently realized it or the polling showed it to her.

Anonymous said...

I dunno. I'll start believing that the Republicans are serious about the Second District when I see them run somebody against Annie Keuther in the Legislature and against the porcine and heinous Vic Miller for the Shawnee County commission.
Just like I'll believe the Republicans are serious about controlling the border when I see them building the d*mn fence.
I'll start taking things seriously when I see the people whose job it is to take things seriously start taking things seriously.

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