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Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Truth Before She Lied and Became the Grinch

Yesterday, Nancy Boyda-Pelosi sent out an e-mail missive in an attempt to raise money the week before Christmas. Guess she figures, people are writing out checks to charity, so why not her.

But I digress. In the e-mail she touts that she voted to give relief to 63,000 Kansans from the Alternative Minimum Tax. Good, right? I mean if that AMT fix doesn't pass before the end of the year, the refunds of those 63,000 Kansans would be delayed and they might have had to file their taxes TWICE.

Not so fast, or she pulled a fast one, or here comes the bait and switch. I received this e-mail from Nancy at 11:30am. At 3:19pm central time, Nancy voted against the AMT fix that is being sent to the President for his signature. Yes, just a few short hours after taking credit for fixing the AMT, she proves she is the Grinch who wanted to steal Christmas.

You see, Nancy Boyda-Pelosi only supported an AMT relief bill that raised taxes on other people by $53 billion.

Technical Inside the Beltway Explanation Warning: Democrats like Boyda-Pelosi say this tax relief has to be "paid for." That's cause the Democrats who wrote the budget rules said expiring tax relief (i.e. the previous AMT fix) is treated as NEW tax relief that should be paid for either by cutting spending or raising taxes. It is just blame DUMB to say preventing a tax increase is the same thing as a new tax cut, but how about cutting some of the $23 billion in earmarks to help pay for it?

Nancy Boyda-Pelosi is just like every other tax and spend liberal Democrat, the Grinches who wanted to steal your tax relief this Christmas. What's worse, she knew she was going to vote against the AMT, so she sent an e-mail out claiming credit for it before she voted against it. That's just plain dishonest.


Boyda Bloc said...

aw...we've missed you! finals?

Anyway, glad you're back, but sad you're starting out my misleading people.

Anonymous said...

Claiming to have supported the AMT fix is flat out lying. And by the way, remember when Boyda campaigned for a transparent process for earmarks? Well, this week in the 3,500 page Omnibus that Members were given 24 hours to read, Nancy snuck in four earmarks worth more than $2 million. I, for one, like the earmarks she picked (they're good for Kansas and she should have been willing to defend them in the light of day), but the point is that she went back on her campaign promise and snuck earmarks that DID NOT PASS EITHER THE HOUSE OR THE SENATE into a bill in the middle of the night. Shameful. And nothing less than a lie.

Anonymous said...

You're alive! Must have to run down to Panera Bread now that you're home for the semester with the folks.

What were the earmarks she snuck in? They must have been doozies if Rangel could get a school named after himself and she couldn't get those through.

Anonymous said...

If you're gonna suggest ways to pay for a tax cut, why not go with the most obvious one? Pull our troops out of Iraq immediately and we'll save hundreds of billions of dollars. Iraq is the biggest waste of tax dollars in the history of America.

Anonymous said...

Why are you still blogging under 'boyda bloc.' Why not go with something more fitting like, 'Jason Croucher.' You're not foolin anybody, hun!

Boyda Bloc said...

its sad bloggers think they can guess who people are...I'd guess Jason has better things to do than post here.

Luckily, I don't.

Boyda supported the AMT fix until the republicans decided to force the old status quo to continue. She did the only responsible thing in the end

Regardless- she did support the fix

Boyda Bloc said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Boyda Bloc said...

sorry...posted twice

Anonymous said...

The Republicans didn't force anything. Remember, it is the Democrats who are in control of the House and Senate. Its tough being in charge.

Anonymous said...

she voted for the bill that paid for itself. not for the bill that would increase the national debt.

Anonymous said...

She voted for the bill that paid for itself....with a TAX INCREASE!!!

Anonymous said...

The best part of this mess is that tax refunds for early filers will take up to 2 months longer because of the do-nothing-democrats dragging their feet!

Anonymous said...

On the one hand, when a Democrat-controlled Congress "does something" it usually takes some form of "take your money and run your life". So it's hard to see a do-nothing Congress as a Bad Thing. If the filthy rich taxpayers (whom the Democrats define as "filthy rich" because they make enough money to pay the Alternative Minimum Tax) have to wait for their money (their money, maybe they'll remember what happened in November.

Anonymous said...

Jason..why doesn't anyone read your blog? You have no comments. How uninteresting. Cute decorations, though!

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