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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Boyda-Pelsoi's Story on Iraq Changes - AGAIN

According to Boyda-Pelosi, the surge is working in Iraq. The surge Boyda-Pelosi voted against. The surge Boyda-Pelosi said wouldn't work. The surge Boyda-Pelosi stormed out of committee hearing against, saying the former general was lying to her.

Please Nancy, stop talking.


I want to apologize to everyone for my lack of posts lately. I took a vacation for Christmas, and as Congress is still out of session, I've been out of the habit of posting. But, look for me to come back full time in 2008. It's going to be a target rich environment with all the craziness the Democrats are going to try and pull in a presidential election year.

Speaking of presidential politics, if John Edwards is wondering why he's tanking, the answer is quite simple: his message makes no sense. Essentially, Edwards talks about how hard his parents and grandparents worked to give him opportunities and to make America work - how he's grateful they provided a path for him to make millions and millions of dollars. Then, he turns around and says the government should take over our lives and then penalize those who work hard to get ahead. Not to mention, it's tough to sell "the man (Republican) is keeping us down" when you own a 20,000 square foot mansion.

It's the problem with the entire Democrat platform, it doesn't make sense to the average American when laid out in these terms. Clinton and Obama essentially believe the same thing, but they know they can't string together a majority of voters to win by saying it outright.

As for Republicans, I remain uncommitted. McCain seems to now have the inside track on the nomination and that doesn't make many Republicans out there very happy . . .

And back to Boyda-Pelosi, did she and her hubby Steve really think he would be the next Attorney General? I would hope against hope Sebelius would appoint him because he would self-destruct in that office, but Sebelius has proven too smart to make such a blund-er-er-er, well, she did recruit Paul Morrison . . . .

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you must be rusty, this is the most incoherent, rambling post I've seen in quite some time!

I always hate this argument, you criticize and criticize and criticize someone for refusing to admit the surge was successful (when she made the statements you're referring to, it hadn't been successful) and then when she has the courage to say "You know what, its going better than I expected it to," you criticize her. Just goes to prove that Nancy Boyda could personally cure cancer and save your dying grandmother and you'd just bitch about how she should've done it sooner.

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