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Monday, January 14, 2008

Boyda-Pelosi and Immigration

A recent letter to the editor in the LJ World hits home on a point that I haven't talked about lately - Boyda-Pelosi's new position on immigration.

During the 2006 campaign, Nancy Boyda-Pelosi made two critical statements that everyone needs to remember. First, she said that any immigration bill needed a path to citizenship for the illegal immigrants who are already here. She reiterated it during a debate in the closing days of the campaign. The audio of Boyda-Pelosi's remarks were used in a Ryun campaign commercial. Second, Boyda-Pelosi was quoted as saying that she did not support erecting a fence on our southern border.

This is where Boyda-Pelosi's heart on this issue is. Her entire change of position is because an overwhelming majority of her district is against her clearly stated open borders beliefs.


Anonymous said...

This is getting old. Everyday you accuse Boyda of changing her position b/c it's not what you want it to be.

It's the same post, every single day. And frankly, it's getting old.

Anonymous said...

actions speak louder than words- who cares what she might have said (I don't agree that you're quoting her correctly, but whatever)- as a member of Congress, she's voted a hardline on immigration every single time AND she has voted to fund the border fence.

Anonymous said...

Once again, no links. Are you:

1) Lazy
2) Incompetent
3) Lying

Which is it?

If it is true that she said these things, and that Ryun used them against her, you'd think that this electorate to which you refer to which is so united in opposition to these alleged statements would have sent her packing.

Thus, I think one of two things can be deduced.

1) You're lying and/or have been misinformed - either on what Boyda said or public opinion on the subject.


2) The people hated Jim Ryun so much, they were willing to elect a person with whom they disagreed on a major subject.

Either way, we win.

Anonymous said...

It may look like the same post, but it's not. It's simply bringing attention to Boyda's ever shifting positions. She got lucky in 2006-a wave election, Kathleen at the top of the ticket, Barnett and Kline at the top of the Republican ticket getting beaten badly. To her credit, she's read the tea leaves and change course on a lot of her issues. Strange how they look a lot like Ryun's positions.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ryun supporters, please explain. Barnett and Kline lead ticket, thus Jim Ryun loses. Barnett and Kline lead ticket Lynn Jenkins wins in a landslide. I guess Jim dead weight that can only be carried over the finishline so to speak, while Lynn can stand on her own (admittedly smaller) two feet.

Anonymous said...

This blog is shit.

Anonymous said...

Well here you go ......
Ryun- Boyda debate heats up
Topeka Capital-Journal, The, Oct 3, 2006 by Chris Moon

By Chris Moon


U.S. Rep. Jim Ryun on Monday accused his Democratic opponent of supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants, a claim Nancy Boyda vehemently denied.

In a feisty debate on a Topeka radio show, Boyda said Ryun was "trying to put words in my mouth."

"How dare you tell people I stand for amnesty?" said an irritated Boyda. "That just bugs the living daylights out of me."

But the Democratic candidate from Topeka said she did favor a "clear path to citizenship" for people who had entered the United States illegally.

"It's a form of amnesty," Ryun said.

Ryun said he hadn't taken a position on whether illegal immigrants currently in the Untied States should be offered a method to become citizens. Instead, he said the country should focus on shoring up border security to keep illegals out to begin with. He also said penalties should be toughened against businesses who hire illegal immigrants.

Boyda took much the same approach - favoring more border security and business penalties. But she said she favored offering a plan for illegal immigrants to obtain citizenship. She said she didn't know what steps they should have to take to accomplish that.

The two candidates appeared Monday on Jim Cates' radio talk show on AM-1440 for their first broadcast debate in Topeka. The testiness between the candidates was similar to their race two years ago, when the five-term congressman won by 15 percentage points despite a well- funded campaign by Boyda.

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