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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

If I Wasn't on Vacation

When I was on my self-imposed hiatus, Steve Kraske wrote this piece with predictions about 2008 races. Among them, was that Jim Ryun would take back his seat in Congress . . .

I'm not going to comment on what that says about the Republican primary, because that's not important to me. What's important to me is what it says about Nancy Boyda-Pelosi's chances to be re-elected.

Boyda-Pelosi had $200,000 more cash on hand than Ryun. She has all the advantages of being the current office holder. She can do things like, travel to Iraq. She has the ability to send out press releases and bully reporters into writing stories about her. She has an official budget to pay for her to travel the district and politic. You'll also have to admit, Boyda-Pelosi is a hard worker, misguided as her efforts most always are.

Yet, with all that, Kraske, who most would call the number one political reporter, says Ryun will win. Along with Dennis Moore, Sam Graves and Jay Nixon.


Anonymous said...

Cry me a river, Jim Ryun had the ability to go to Iraq and come back to the district for 10 years and just chose not to use them (save for a few-hour layover in Iraq LATE in 2006.)

Anonymous said...

yes, and notice how well mr. kraske did with his other predictions...Clinton got LAST in Iowa.

Anonymous said...

Kraske blew the Iowa prediction. #1 politcal beat reporter? That speaks volumes about everyone else.

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