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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Boyda-Pelosi Fundraising/Hypocrisy

No, this isn't an analysis of Nancy Boyda-Pelosi's FEC report, though it is out, and I will comment on it.

USA today ran a front page story which singled out Nancy Boyda-Pelosi for the appearance that she traded official actions for a lobbyist-hosted fundraiser.

Just one year ago, Boyda-Pelosi said this (1/17/07), "Lobbyists didn't just influence the last Congress, they controlled it. Today, that era has come to an end. The market for political influence in Washington is closing."

To paraphrase an old saying, when one market closed, Nancy Boyda-Pelosi opened another one.

On December 19th, Boyda-Pelosi issued a news release taking credit for a $485,000 grant for a wastewater treatment project in Iola. On October 15th, the Van Scoyoc firm had registered to lobby for Iola. On November 1st, the firm hosted a fundraiser for Boyda-Pelosi at its offices. The cost for catering, beverages, room rental and incidentals: $1,203, paid for by the firm's PAC.

Yet, On the day the House of Representatives passed the lobbying law in July, Boyda-Pelosi said that the ban on gifts and meals was important to her constituents because "they want to know that I'm not sitting someplace in Washington , D.C. , with somebody that gets my attention for two solid hours." Unless, I guess, they host a nice fundraiser for you . . .

On January 18th, Boyda said, "If the good people of Kansas want to ask if this passes the smell test, I think that it does," because benefits flowed to her district.

She said towns didn't need to hire a lobbyist to get access to her and added, "This is why we need public financing. The system is a mess."

So, let me get this straight, Nancy, it's not your fault that you gave a lobbyist an earmark and they rewarded you with a fundraiser. You couldn't have just said no? This is typical spin, blame everyone else and hope no one notices what an absolute hypocrite you are.

Your entire campaign in 2006, you said, "special interests don't just influence Washington, they absolutely control it." Who knew you wanted to join the party, not change it?

This is what 30 second ads are made of . . . enjoy your last 11 months in office Nancy.


Anonymous said...

Listen jackass, it's not like she awarded her donors with a no-bid federal contract (Bush) or got a fancy townhome on the cheap (Ryun), a group of people FROM THE CITY IN QUESTION, not a bunch of suits from K-Street, came to Washington and told her their city need a waste-water treatment plant. OOOOOH WHAT A LAVISH GIFT. Get your facts straight. There are a lot of people who should be criticized for stupid, worthless earmarks, but this is NOT one of them. Iola needed a waste-water treatment facility and now they are going to have one.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, USA Today criticized Boyda for being rewarded with a fundraiser by a lobbyist for getting an earmark . . . Boyda campaigned against this sort of thing. She didn't have to accept the fundraiser. That's the real issue here, not what she got for Iola.

Anonymous said...

DUDE!! You forgot to mention Foley when you mentioned the "sweetheart" deal Ryun got on the townhouse!! What is wrong with you?! Are you out of your freaking mind? Townhouse, Foley, townhouse, Foley. . . .you forgot half of the Boyda talking points!

Anonymous said...

Yeah .... that is like my kids .... well he did it first.

The actions of someone else still does not erase what she did. And she used this kind of stuff as whar she would not do ... she was different.

Anonymous said...

There is a group from Iola that likes to kiss Boyda's *** quite frequently, they were just there again to request a quarter-million dollar garage for a trolley. An old trolley. This is pure deficit spending and apparently Nancy Boyda takes it all in, along with the $20,000 Iola paid the Van S. firm for lobbying for them. Most citizens of Iola should be embarrassed.

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