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Monday, February 25, 2008

Ad Running Here & NRCC Follows Bounce Boyda

Seems I'm not allowed to embed this ad, but you should check it out on You Tube. It's running here in Kansas, and it calls on Nancy to "do her job" . . .

UPDATE: You Tube now has the embed link available. Here it is:

Also, the National Republican Campaign Committee is following our lead and hitting Boyda for taking trial lawyer money to stop FISA. Here are excerpts from the press release they sent out today:

After Receiving Thousands in Campaign Contributions from the Trial Bar and
Democrat Leaders, Boyda Continues to Block Terrorist Surveillance Law in Hopes
of Creating Litigation Boom

How much longer will Nancy Boyda side with her House Democrat leaders, who
have already filled her campaign coffers with $72,500, to continue to block the
renewal of the terrorist surveillance program, which is already showing
dangerous consequences in American intelligence officials’ fight against

“No amount of campaign cash from their trial lawyer friends can ever
explain Nancy Boyda and the Democrats' unconscionable decision to allow a
critical terrorist surveillance program to expire,” said NRCC Spokesman Ken
Spain. “To make matters worse, Boyda and the Democrats are resorting to
extraordinary tactics to continue to block this legislation, even though our
intelligence officers are already suffering from the lapse.”


Anonymous said...

Boyda's favorable ratings have now fallen to 33%. Boy has she taken a nosedive since July. She has roughly the same favorable rating as President Bush.

Anonymous said...

boyda's favorable rating is 58%, loser.

Anonymous said...

Uh no, go to Survey USA my friend.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

so, right...there isn't a single poll regarding Boyda on Survey USA

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what Boyda's poll numbers are, however, just because Survey USA didn't publish it publicly on the state tracking page, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

Also, overall approval ratings are not that critical of a number. 58% approval could combine those who love the job Boyda is doing and those who think she's doing OK. If the just OK number is really high, then Boyda should be worried. Actually, both numbers could be right - 33% could say they love the job Boyda is doing, while 25% think she's doing ok, getting you to 58%.

Again, I haven't seen the polling data, but I'd be worried if just one out of three people thought I was doing a great job.

Anonymous said...

I'm not the previous poster concerning the Survey USA polling but I do have a friend who is an anchor production assistant for one of the Topeka TV stations and this person told me there was a poll on Boyda and her approval ratings were very low. This station typically supports the Democratic candidates and office holders and decided to bury the story lest it hurt Boyda's re-election chances.

Anonymous said...

No idea who took this video, but if I were Jim or Lynn I'd be hammering her on the troop surge stuff.

Anonymous said...

embedding is easy. The fact that you can't copy/paste reveals that you have no business blogging.

Anonymous said...

boyda's approval rating is 58%...take it to the bank

Anonymous said...

You're an idiot who obviously didn't visit the link yesterday, the YouTube site as of yesterday did not have a link to embed the video.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i clicked the link yesterday too and it said something about the embed was removed by the author. it's there today, and on this site now too.

Anonymous said...

Where is this poll showing 58% approval rating?

In the past if Boyda had a poll that looked this good she would be having a press release based on it.

So where is the poll or press release? My guess is neither exist.

A former Boyda staffer said...

Here is the Nancy Boyda polling information as of 2/18/08:

Representative Nancy Boyda Job Approval

RCP Average: Spread -27.1%

* Approve
* 33.7%
* Disapprove
* 60.8%

Anonymous said...

I stand corrected. Rounded up her approval rating is 34%.

Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

God, this place is an f'ing joke. As to the previous posters, specifically, check out this page:,4670,LateCampaignMoves,00.html

Now, scroll down and look at the right side of the page -- the numbers you are citing are actually PRESIDENT BUSH's APPROVAL RATINGS!!!

The joke is on you...schmuck.

A former Boyda staffer said...

respond to the schmuck poster...check the date of your is Oct. 2007...the Boyda polling, although the same exact percentages is from Feb. 2008

Bill W said...

Here's a much better version of that same ad, except it's specifically targetting Nancy Boyda.

Hope you like. ;^)

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