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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Letter You Might Want to Send

Dear Representative Boyda,

I am writing today about the Protect America Act.

After 9/11, Congress and the President gave our intelligence community updated tools to listen in on terrorist "chatter." This was the recommendation of many experts, including the 9/11 Commission. As a result of the FISA changes and many other important tools, at least 19 attacks against the United States have been stopped by the fine men and women of our intelligence community, not to mention critical intelligence gathering for our troops fighting in Iraq to go after terrorist cells there.

So, I have two simple questions for you to answer since you oppose the continuation of these tools. First, what will you tell me at the funeral of my wife, son, daughter, mother, father, sister or brother if they are killed in a terrorist attack that could have been prevented with the intelligence that cannot be gathered at this time? Second, what will you tell the family of one of our soldiers at their funeral from an attack that could have been prevented with the intelligence gathered under FISA?


Your Constituent

These are the stakes Nancy Boyda is playing with at the behest of her largest contributors - the trial lawyers.

What's worse, last week, the Democrat leaders of the House Intelligence Committee sent their staff to the CIA to discuss the CIA's efforts on climate change. That's right, they didn't go over to talk about the need to reauthorize FISA. They talked about global warming.

Had enough of Nancy Boyda and Nancy Pelosi?

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