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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Follow the Bouncing Boyda

After going on national network news last January and saying she would support Bush's decision to order a surge, Nancy Boyda quickly reversed positions and voted against it. In the video below is a reminder that Nancy Boyda then spoke out strongly against the surge last year. She said it would not work.

In July, Boyda walked out of an Armed Services Committee hearing because after hearing the good news about the successes of the surge she said, "There was only so much that you could take until we in fact had to leave the room for a while." She then proceeded to lecture the general on what was really happening in Iraq, despite the fact she hadn't been there in 4 months and he had just returned.

In December, she, as with many Democrats, changed her tune, saying a bad situation was getting better and that Americans should be "rejoicing" that things are getting better in Iraq.

Democrats in Washington are talking about more Iraq withdrawl votes as seems to ramping up pressure to do so. So when is a reporter going to ask her if she will vote in the House this year, or for a President Obama or President Clinton's plan next year, to withdraw our troops from Iraq?

There's a good chance Boyda will vote to withdraw, regardless of how she answers the question. And, whatever she does, there's nothing that will prevent her from changing positions again soon.

Had enough of Nancy Boyda's inconsistency?


A former Boyda staffer said...

She was against the surge before she was for it...

Anonymous said...

She was for the surge, before she was against it, before she accused a decorated general of lying about it, before she was for it.

Anonymous said...

he was lying...shove it.

Anonymous said...

He was? In what way? Care to lay that out for us or will you take the path of so many other lefties-just say whatever you want to, no need to back it up with facts.

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