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Friday, February 29, 2008

Higher Gas Prices for Us? Tax Breaks for Hugo Chavez?

When Bill Clinton ran for office, much was made of the sign hanging in their campaign office which said, "It's the economy stupid." The Democrat Party has decided to not revisit the Clinton years and hand the nomination to one of the most liberal of their own. In keeping with that trend, House Democrats decided it would be a good time to give a good kick in the teeth to American consumers by raising taxes on oil companies. Nancy Boyda-Pelosi must have missed economics classes in college, because these oil companies would certainly pass those increases costs of doing business straight through to their consumers. And who will that hurt the most, the poorest Americans who have the least wiggle room in their budgets.

Ironically, the House energy tax increase left in place the tax incentive for the Hugo Chavez controlled Citgo. The same Hugo Chavez that just recently threatened to quit selling oil to the United States, and those very words drove up the price of oil, and we saw a price spike at the pump. Obviously, the Democrats, with lemming Nancy Boyda-Pelosi on board, bowed to his threats and left his tax break in place.

If this is any evidence of the type of America we would be forced to live in with a President Obama and a Democrat-controlled Congress, we should rethink how we're voting. If our foreign policy is to bow to the threats of dictators, that's a real problem. If our economic policy is to raise the prices of goods and services on consumers by raising the costs of doing business for companies, that's not good news for our future. It'll be like Jimmy Carter and 1977 all over again. Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Yet, Nancy proudly proclaimed:
"For years," Boyda said, "nobody in Washington had the guts to stand up to Big
Oil. This bill says, 'Enough is enough.'"

This is America Nancy. Businesses are allowed to make money. It's ok. In fact, like you, many people across this country have their retirement savings in the stock market. We want to invest in stocks that MAKE MONEY. Millions of Americans, or their retirement funds, probably own stock in OIL COMPANIES. So, not only are you hurting our economy in the short run by raising energy prices even further, you would hurt the IRA's and 401(k)'s of people who will need them when Social Security fails to provide what it promised - not that you Democrats admit there will be a problem with Social Security.

I've had enough of you, Nancy. Please, get a clue.


Anonymous said...

Well said. I'm one of those Republicans who crossed over to vote for Boyda in 2006. What was I thinking? This is a socialist agenda. I won't make the same mistake twice.

Anonymous said...

Good grief . . . let's hope there's only 10 more months of this disaster in office.

Anonymous said...

Punishing success ...... the Democratic way

Anonymous said...

my god you loons...boyda's right on the money on this one...NO ONE should make profits like these and then scream that they will go out of business if you don't give them tax payer support.

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