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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Interesting Crew

I had to work out of town for a few days with limited Internet access or time, so sorry for the lack of posts . . . have to keep paying the bills.

Nancy Boyda's name recently popped up with an endorsement of Vic Wulsin for Congress in Ohio. Along with Dennis Moore and Kathy's dad, former Governor Jack Gilligan, she joined ethically-challenged Congressional appropriator Jack Murtha - Nancy Pelosi's choice to be Democrat Majority Leader in the House.

She also joined some, shall we say, traditional leftist and leftist supporting organizations - The Feminist Majority, The National Organization of Women, and of course, the Unions! If you're wondering why the women's groups are so heavily supporting Vic, Vic is short for Victoria.

What does Vic stand for? Not much, at least according to her issues page. She has had to answer questions about her participation in a health study which involved infecting African AIDS patients with malaria as a possible cure for AIDS. You can watch her primary opponent's ad on the subject here. (This sounds like something Steve Boyda and his trial lawyer buddies would sue her for if they had the chance - health fraud.)

With the involvement of the Governor's father in this endorsement, I'd say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree when it comes to recommending Democrats with questionable skeletons in the closet. Kathleen surely didn't do her homework on Paul Morrison either.

Maybe a reporter should ask Nancy Boyda why she'd support a candidate who seemingly supported an effort to use such a questionable treatment on African AIDS patients . . .

[Update: According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, there apparently is still an open investigation by the Ohio Medical Board into Wulsin.]


Anonymous said...

since that claim has been totally discredited by the Ohio press, my guess is the kansas press doesn't care- at all.

Oh, and Vic Wulsin beat her multimillionaire trial attorney Democratic primary challenger with 57% of the vote...yeah, she sounds like a real radical

Anonymous said...

Doesn't look like the report was "totally discredited" to me.

Oh, and the Kansas press, they don't care about being good journalists most of the time anyway, so I won't hold my breath waiting for them to look into much of anything.

Anonymous said...

New YouTube vid featuring the unethical pair running in the 2nd Dist Republican Primary.

thought you might enjoy

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Nancy Boyda's accepting a thank you dinner for an earmark from a lobbyist was the height of ethical standards?

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the originality of the Boyda Blockheads. Fantastic drunk voiceover.

Anonymous said...

Because if Kansas journalists were good journalists, they wouldn't have lifted verbatim from the liberal TP Muckraker on the Ryun townhouse non-story.

Anonymous said...

That voiceover is what you get when the guy running the blog doesn't want people to recognize his voice. It's like the dis-embodied floating head.

Anonymous said...

it's obviously a woman's voice, people

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