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Thursday, March 6, 2008

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FISA - Which for Nancy stands for "Forget Intelligence, Sue Away"

In this Leavenworth Times article, Boyda continues to defend her untenable FISA position.
A knowledgeable source on intelligence issues, . . . , said that current FISA legislation worked, but was not expeditious. Targets of opportunity were difficult to pursue under current FISA guidelines.

In other words, the longer Boyda-Pelosi delays reauthorizing this law, the less safe we all become.

The fact remains, the trial lawyers say no, the trial lawyers are her biggest campaign contributors, therefore, Nancy will not budge on this issue. As long as Nancy casts her lot with the trial lawyer lobby and the ACLU, she only proves herself to be more out of step with Kansans.

The Primary is On

Several people have e-mailed and asked me why I haven't said more about the dust up between Jenkins and Ryun on the Learning Quest ads. Way back when, I indicated I did not want to see the two Republicans slice and dice each other. Unfortunately, it seems to be happening.

Here's my brief opinion, take it for what it's worth.

First, I don't think there has been any evidence presented thus far that Lynn Jenkins did anything wrong in awarding this contract. American Century is a reputable company. I do find it odd that her campaign has been so defensive about it though. Of course, there was never any evidence that Jim Ryun offered any type of quid pro quo in his townhouse purchase either, but that hasn't stopped people (including some in the Jenkins camp) from criticizing him.

Second, Lynn Jenkins made a mistake in continuing to agree to let those ads run. She is a candidate for federal office, and should at least be concerned about the appearance of an improper campaign contribution from American Century. I think she probably made a calculation that the free advertising was worth any criticism she might receive. Here again, I haven't seen evidence that she or her staff did anything wrong, but she opened herself up for this criticism.

Finally, what would I like to see from our two candidates? Please present the best case as to why you are more in tune with Kansans than Nancy Boyda. That's the message you should be honing now. Please keep the long knives in reserve for the real enemy.


Anonymous said...

I have another word for Forget, but this seems to be a family friendly blog.

Anonymous said...

Check out the other blog for a YouTube vid about the race.

Anonymous said...

oh, does the bloc have a good video about how nancy does everything the trial lawyers want her to?

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